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Fanfictions I Have Loved

Today’s post is from Phoebe Sinclair of the Whole Heart Local blog. Phoebe is a regular contributor to the Ladies of Comicazi podcast, and a writer who was recently awarded the Ivan Gold Fellowship at the Writer’s Room of Boston. Here she talks about how she discovered fan fiction and how it’s been a part of her life. If this piece inspires you to consume more fan fiction, join us on June 8, 2019 for the third annual Fan Fiction Theater. There will be humor, heartbreak, and poems about Batman.

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The Battle

Besides all of my responsibilities as a Lady, I have a full-time job as the Executive Director of a small nonprofit in Boston. We’re hyper-local, serving students in the Boston Public Schools by matching them with academic mentors, adults who go directly into their classrooms and help them with their schoolwork so that they achieve and thrive. This means that I have the unique privilege of both my professional life and my personal life being dedicated to causes that I love - public education and women’s rights. Recently, though, I had an experience in my professional life that gave me a reason to reflect on the mission of my personal projects, one that I want to explore here.

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A Captain Marvel Hot Take

At our Issues on Issues: Marvel Retrospective I was asked a really good question. (Actually I was asked a lot of really good questions.) This one focused on the Captain Marvel movie and if I thought it suffered because of the lack of romance. Short answer-Absolutely NOT. The long answer is more complicated.

Captain Marvel is an origin story and it suffers from that a bit. I thought the beginning was slow, spending way too much time on the Kree rather than ramping into what it ultimately identity story.

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Sparking Joy – Suggestions for Decompression

With an important mid-term election looming, and the news cycle, well, all the time really, but particularly in the last few months, many folks I know and particularly folks who identify as women have been feeling pretty stressed out of late. It’s important to allow ourselves to feel those feelings and, if possible, use them constructively. But sometimes you just need to take a break and feel some positivity. Here are a few things that have been working for me, lately.

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