About Us

The Ladies of Comicazi are an inclusive community devoted to consuming, critiquing, and creating comics and pop culture.

We organize an annual LadiesCon and host multiple events throughout the year.

We're entirely volunteer-run. If you'd like to be involved, please contact us!

The Red Menace (Erin)

Twitter: @EMMcGrath

Instagram: @theredmenace77

Areas of expertise: All ages comics, prose novels and nonfiction, feminism

Other interests/skills: Bread baking, running, tiny objects

In addition to her Ladies duties, Erin is the ED of a local nonprofit, coach for a marathon training team, and a chronicler of things from her husband’s pockets.

Tiny Doom (Elise)

Twitter: @elise_LoC

Instagram: @elise_loc

Areas of expertise: Marvel universe (comic and cinematic), horror, audio drama

Other interests/skills: Knitting, crafting, having campfires

When Elise is not doing Ladies stuff, she is working her day job or bingeing shows on Netflix that involve blood splatter or desserts.

Lady Diceacorn (Tracey)

Twitter: @NachoPKB

Instagram: @tmichienzi82

Areas of expertise: DC Comics, MCU, Comics, Disney, Board Games, RPG’s, Podcasts, History  

Other interests/skills: Cooking, crafting, musicals, reading

In addition to her Ladies duties, Tracey is a paralegal in a government office and a mom to a very active little boy. Tracey enjoys spending her non-Ladies time going on adventures with her husband and son, playing board games, singing in her car and curled under a blanket reading a good book.

Smalerie (Valerie)

Twitter: @SmalerieLOC

Instagram: @krebstar5

Areas of expertise: Indie comics, Romance genre (from novels to asian dramas), Disney

Other interests/skills: Cooking, collage making, musicals/Broadway

Valerie enjoys spending her non-Ladies time creating genre themed meals, exploring New England history, and watching funny dog videos on the internet.

Cartoon Sara (Sara)

Twitter: @cartoon_sara

Areas of Expertise: Animation, Disney, podcasts, Muppets

Other Interests/skills: Action figures, writing, animal welfare

Sara divides her time outside of the Ladies between her work as a travel consultant, watching animation, and caring for her pets. She lives with her action figure designer husband, two dogs, and a very loud cat.

Meepline (Savannah)

Instagram: @minagiv

Areas of expertise: MCU, Marvel comics, Jim Henson Productions, Disney (nowadays, more specifically Disney Junior), RPGs, Board Games, Fantasy books, podcast editing

Other interests/skills: Cooking, Singing, playing all the Dragon Age games over and over

When not taking care of Ladies duties, Savannah is a stay at home mom with 3 boys. When she has a moment of downtime, she loves catching up on Reddit and Imgur, playing board games with various combinations of family and friends, watching Critical Role, and grabbing what little sleep she can get her grubby little paws on.