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Hi all!

So normally this would be Cartoon Sara’s week to lay down some thoughts and musings, but family matters have have made that difficult.  So you get me…again.  You’re welcome, and/or I’m sorry, choose which ever best suits your needs.  As I didn’t really have post planned I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you what’s been going on with us Ladies, and most importantly, what’s coming up in the near future.  We would also love to have a chance to hear from you about what you would like to see some us, so please don’t leave without answering the poll questions below.

What’s coming up-

The summer has been super exciting for us.  As often happens, a lot of stuff has come up in a short period of time and we are working hard to make things happen!
First off– The Red Menace and I had a chance to interview Caitlin Kittredge about her work on the new Boom! Studios comic Lucas Stand.  She’s co-writing it with Kurt Sutter…yeah, that Kurt Sutter, did a little show called Sons of Anarchy.  Anyway, I had a chance to read this title before we spoke with Caitlin and if you like anti-heroes, and the possibility of angels and demons duking it out, then this will be right in your wheelhouse.


Next– After we interviewed Caitlin, all of the Ladies were interviewed by WBZ-TV, our local CBS affiliate for a web series called The Secret Worlds of Boston Comic Con.  This series will start today on and will give a look inside Boston’s thriving geek culture.  Rumor has it we will be in the first episode a little, but more so in the second.  Watch to see how red my face can get when faced with public speaking, an expensive camera, and a boom mic (fun fact: 3 of us Ladies are introverts, 2 of us secret ones).




I know, right?  Join us on Sunday, August 14th at 1pm!

Food & Fandom: Celebrating the Delicious Side of Pop Culture: Food and fandom go together like The Hound and all of the chicken – join the Ladies of Comicazi for a discussion of the many ways they intersect!

Last– Here are those polls I mentioned.


Yeah, I’m Watching Preacher, Because of Course I Am


As the Ladies’ resident expert in shows with blood splatter, AMC’s Preacher was almost certainly on my watch list this summer.

I was first introduced to the Preacher comic by The Goog in our early stages of dating (now almost some 15 years ago). Many of our early dates involved me swinging by his place, grabbing a Preacher trade paperback, and proceeding to ignore him for an hour (sorry fellas, I’m taken).  So, when I heard about the AMC series I was cautiously optimistic, though also mentally preparing for heartbreak – I’m looking at you, The Walking Dead.  Preacher is now 7 episodes in and I am still enjoying it.  Here’s why:

Twitter version of a story summary…Preacher Jesse Custer searches for God with the sort of help of his friend and ex Tulip (a hitwoman), and Cassidy (an Irish Vampire).  There is a lot more going on but I am going to try to keep this as spoiler free as possible.


Sass, thy name is Tulip.

Commitment to the characters –
One of the reasons I stopped watching The Walking Dead oh so long ago is that I didn’t like the changes made to the characters, particularly when a character who was so well formed in the comic was reduced to a harpy of a plot device…but I digress.  Thus far with Preacher I am not having that problem at all.  The TV characters remain true to their literary counterparts often in appearance and always in spirit.  Yes, Tulip looks different, she’s no longer white and blonde, but who cares!  Ruth Negga is absolutely killing it!  Seriously, I dare you not to crack a smile as she portrays a psychopath with a heart of gold. I actually I think I am enjoying her portrayal of Tulip more than I did comic Tulip.


#notallvampires? #yesCassidy

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy looks like he walked off the page, which is frankly a terrifying prospect. I think the only complaint around House New Googington is that he should wear his sunglasses more, but that’s really only if I feel I need to complain. Cassidy is a complex character, as anyone who has read the comics knows.  As a reader/viewer your relationship with him is bound to get complicated, never mind how complicated it can get for Jesse and Tulip.

And then of course Jesse.  He’s your quintessential not so good guy trying to be a mostly good guy.  His moral compass is guided by John Wayne and his daddy (who was also a preacher).  Dominic Cooper is able to go from caring small town preacher to destructive force of nature in the literal blink of an eye.  It’s part of what makes Jesse so unsettling and unpredictable.


Note to self: DO NOT make that hot for Preacher joke that you totally want to

The Spirit of the Story-
The story itself is a bit different but for me, the tone remains the same.  In the comic Preacher is very much a road trip story.  But in this first season of the show we have seen Jesse stationary, desperately trying to put down roots, and save his flock.  But as we learn more about him, we find that Jesse is probably the most lost. Episode 6 starts to really hone in on actions that are going to push him out of the town and onto the road as the gravity of his situation becomes more apparent to him

 Preacher does not shy away from the ridiculous-
I don’t think me saying “chainsaw fight in a church” is much of a spoiler, plus I never thought I would get to say/type such a thing so give me my moment here.  Additionally there is scene in the beginning of episode 6…a fight scene that is just sublimely ridiculous.  In many ways part of what made the Preacher comic so great was how extreme it was.  If you have read it, or anything else by Garth Ennis, you know what I am saying here.  It’s not for the faint of heart, and be sure to warn anyone who tells you they want to start reading it because they heard about the show.  Let’s not have a repeat of that Deadpool incident, ok?


Good News Everybody! Preacher has been picked up for a second, longer season.

So…have you read?  Are you watching?  What do you think?


Fashion Raptors: Early Summer Edition

Ah, summer! A time for sun, surf, and outrageous betrayal by loved ones. This month all three of our questions come from J.O., a charming young man we met at a fun shindig the Ladies brought us to, Kyle Coston Tonight! This live chat show was a real hoot to do. Don’t worry if you missed our fabulousness – the whole show is available here for your viewing pleasure. You’ll probably notice that we had to share the stage with the Ladies, which we’re sure was a misunderstanding that will no doubt be rectified in our future appearances.

J.O. had three questions. He began:
Dear Fashion Raptors, It was great meeting you ladies at the Kyle Coston show – thanks for the fashion tips and not eviscerating anyone! Yay! I was curious if you ever worry about sudden yet inevitable betrayals?

Dear J.O.:

Thank you for writing in to us after the show! It was one of our first public appearances since Bosoton Comicon, but we guarantee that it won’t be our last. While you ask about sudden yet inevitable betrayal, you didn’t quite indicate by whom we might be betrayed. If you are referring to the Ladies, we are not too concerned. For one thing, have you seen them? They are weoefully inadequate in a fight to death, what with their pitiful (though brightly colored) claws, distressingly blunt teeth, soft, rendable skin, and laughable running speeds. Honestly, 7 miles per hour is the best they can do? If they betrayed us, we could easily be bathing in their viscera before they even knew what happened. For another thing, what possible motive could they have to betray us? This blog needs us – we are clearly the star attraction, here.

Now, if you are asking whether we might betray each other, we remind you that raptors are pack hunters – we’re better together. Though…now that you mention it, there’s very little evidence for that in the fossil record. Way more raptors seem to be loners. Huh. Guess we’ll both be sleeping with one eye open from now on. Thanks for that, J.O.


Green uses her camouflage to get the drop on Orange in her sudden, but inevitable, betrayal.

J.O. went on to ask, “Also, what is your position on Luau / Hawaiian shirts? I enjoy the sense of “bringing the party with me” but is there every a time when a Luau shirt might be the wrong answer?”

Ah, the Hawaiian, or as it’s known in Hawaii, the Aloha shirt, that brilliantly colored piece of kitschy comfort. We think they’re great! Besides indicating a willingness to relax and enjoy a party atmosphere (possibly with excellent cocktails), the tropical patterns can provide excellent camouflage in the right environment. They also do a bang-up job of obscuring those unsightly blood stains, an all-too common occurrence after a long day of stalking and disemboweling your prey.

You ask if they’re appropriate for every occasion – this is one of those situations that is all about context. On the islands of Hawaii, the answer is nearly always yes, particularly if the occasion is semi-formal, such as a wedding. The culture is such that more formal attire might even be considered inappropriate. Additionally, tropical places will be where you will get the most out of that camouflage effect. Bright flowers and parrots blend in poorly on the gray streets of Boston in winter, and are not recommended.


Use your best judgment when selecting your Aloha attire.


Then too, if one is presented with a somber occasion, such as a funeral, more context may be needed. If your deceased loved one wants a “celebration of life” type send-off, go for it! For other folks, a touch more gravitas might be required. Luckily, black offers many of the same stain-hiding and stealth advantages of aloha prints – and has the added bonus of being quite slimming!

Finally, J.O. wanted to know: Also, while it clearly is possible to pay too much for one (T. Bahama!) is it ever possible to pay too little (Going to the Thrift Shop with Macklemore!) Thanks! Have a great one!

Once again, J.O., it is important to consider context. For the most part, we raptors find saving money to be extremely fashionable. It’s all well and good to splurge on a Coach purse or Max Gengos dress, but so much better to unearth a 60’s Emilio Pucci dress at the local thrift shop for a song? Thrift shopping is all about the thrill of the hunt, chasing your treasure and taking it down in a frenzy of savage beauty, blood, and fine leather goods. Even when the big scores don’t hit, there’s joy to be had in finding out how much you can acquire for less.

But – we caution you not to be hasty in your purchases – don’t buy something just because it’s cheap! If it’s not well-made, or doesn’t really fit you well, is it even worth the few dollars you spent? Take it from us – mistakes can be made.


Was it worth it?

Thanks to J.O. for all of the great questions! If you want to ask us questions, email the Ladies at – they’ll pass them along. And tune in for end of summer update, when we finally address the burning question of white after Labor Day!

You can find the previous FRaptor posts here and here.


Ladies of Cosplay: Mikaela (aka April O’Neil)

Summer is upon us and while for many of us are planning our trips to the beach, I think it’s safe to assume that just as many of us are getting ready for Boston Comic Con in August.  This means a flurry of activity as we make plans, obsessively check the guest lists, and get our cosplay ready.  The Ladies of Comicazi will be there with a few surprises (more on that coming soon), and we hope you stop by and say hi.

But as we eagerly await the big event, I wanted to take a moment to highlight a special cosplayer who’s not only gorgeous and talented, but also related to Tiny Doom and I (please don’t hold that against her, she really is a lovely person).

Mikaela (aka April O’Neil) is an up and coming cosplyer based out of New York.  She was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions for us about her experiences doing cosplay.


How did you first learn about cosplay and what made you start participating?

How do we learn about anything? The internet! LOL! I was looking up pictures of superheroes online and I came across a woman dressed as Rogue, from X-Men. I then started to research cosplay, started participating in chat rooms as well. When I first discovered all of this I hadn’t transitioned yet. I was still hiding who I was. I saw cosplay as an outlet for me to be who I really wanted to be. I attended my first convention back in 2010, NYCC, as April O’Neil. It was very well received and for the first time ever I felt amazingly confident. Cosplay gave me courage that I don’t think I would have had otherwise.

Speaking of your transition, is there is anything you would like to talk about in regards to the cosplay community and its response to your transition?  For instance have you found cosplayers to be more or less supportive?

That is difficult to answer. A majority of the cosplayers that I know, that have supported my transition, I was already friends with. I haven’t really found a good outlet to gauge what people, in the community, think about it. I did come out to my followers on DeviantArt last year, in a journal entry on Transgender Day of Visibility. I can say that I got mixed responses, a majority of them positive. Then of course you have some that are negative as well. Someone, who I assume follows me on DA, commented on one of my April videos on YouTube. He said he can’t really like my video because I’m a man. In my experience though, everyone I meet who discovers I am transgender has been overwhelmingly supportive. It could be luck, it could be things are moving in a positive direction as we move into the future, I am not sure. I can say I feel truly blessed to get that amount of support and I hope that will always be the case no matter who I meet in the community.



Which cosplay/fandom is your favorite?

I only choose to cosplay characters that have a special place in my heart. I grew up on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was my first love. I always looked up to April. She had a feisty attitude, independent, smart, brave and one hell of a driver. I always wanted to be her, so to be able to cosplay her is actually a dream come true. Catwoman is another favorite who I cosplay quite often and I have multiple versions of her to wear. I have many other favorites, many other characters I want to cosplay. It’s an expensive hobby, all in due time lol.

Do you have any suggestions for others who want to get into cosplay?

If the interest is there, do it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. It’s not only a lot of fun, but I have met people I wouldn’t have and did things I never thought I would do because of cosplay.

Favorite cosplay experience? 

My favorite experience was when I went to a con as Catwoman. I was walking around the convention center and I had a little Batman come up to me. He held on to my leg very tightly and said “You’re mine, Catwoman.” It was the cutest and most heart warming moment. I spent a little while with that little boy as he told me about why he loves Batman so much and I took a picture with him. He thought I was really Catwoman and it was such an wonderful experience.

Any bad experiences with cosplay or the community? 

I have been lucky in this regard. I know a lot of cosplayers who have had terrible experiences. I haven’t had anything really bad happen. Walking down the streets of Manhatten to get to NYCC in costume is always an interesting experience. I get the cat calling when I am in costume, but most of the time I ignore it. Nothing has ever been so rude that I had to turn around to take notice. When I am at conventions people are usually very respectful if I say I can’t take a photo or anything. Some look more disappointed than others, but again nothing bad has ever come of it.



Do you have any new plans or ideas you are working on for your next costume or character?

As I stated previously I have many other characters lol. I want to do Tracer from Overwatch, Teela MOTU, Cheetara from Thundercats, Juri, Ibuki, Poison, Cammy, Vixen from DC, the list goes on and on. I hope to be able to do them all at some point. Cosplay isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so I am optimistic lol. Even if it does, who cares, I am still going to cosplay my heart out!

What skills have you learned or want to learn in regards to costume making and planning? 

My sewing has actually improved dramatically since I got into cosplay. I can make adjustments on my costumes no problem, although construction without a pattern to follow is still very intimidating to me. I have only tackled very simple things. I leave the more complex costumes to someone far more talented than I. I would like to, at some point, be able to make my own and not have to commission my costumes.

Any events you will be attending this summer?

No major events planned, at least convention wise. I am attending a midnight showing of the Suicide Squad as Knightfall Catwoman. Other than that I would like to do more photo shoots. I have several photographers that want to connect to do some work with me. It would be nice to have more content for my pages. It’s hard for me to find the time with my work schedule.

Dying to see more of Mikaela’s awesome cosplay?  Use the links below and dive down that rabbit hole.
Excited for Boston Comic Con?  Planning a special cosplay?  Know of a cosplayer you think we should feature?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Cartoon Sara Reads Three Animation Blogs

The Internet age is a wonderful time to be an animation fan. All manner of behind the scenes material, industry insider news, and the personal musings of some of the greatest artists working in the medium are available to anyone who cares to see it. As it does with almost any subject, the Internet has a lot to see for the animation enthusiast, which can make finding a good place to get started tough. These are three of my favorite animation blogs that offer just a taste of what’s out there.

Deja View

Andreas Deja is one of those aforementioned greatest artists working in the medium. A former Disney animator who helped give life to characters ranging from King Triton to Scar to Hercules to Lilo, Deja is currently working on an independent animated film. His blog offers a few glimpses of that and some insights into his own time and work at Disney. But the majority of the posts are appreciations of the work of other artists – past animation masters or great illustrators whose work has inspired Deja. Just seeing some of this artwork is amazing and getting to read thoughts from one of the top modern animators about what makes them so special is a true treat.

Pencil Test Depot

A pencil test is a stage in hand-drawn animation where the animator’s rough drawings are filmed in sequence to make sure the animation is working before the drawings are cleaned up. I’ve always loved the feel of these looser drawings with their strong sense of the artist’s hand. Pencil Test Depot collects these early stage of animation from a wide variety of sources – well known features to more obscure gems and demo reels. Unfortunately, the site is no longer being updated and some of the videos have since vanished from YouTube. But it’s still a great way to enjoy tons of beautiful pencil tests.

Temple of the Seven Golden Camels

Story artist Mark Kennedy’s blog is chiefly about storyboarding for animation. It’s also an absolute must-read for anyone with even the slightest interest in narrative in film. While some posts are focused on the specifics of animation, many can be applied to live-action or any kind of visual storytelling and cite examples from all different kinds of media. The most current post as of now is about a scene from The Big Lebowski. This isn’t a blog I visit often, only because I can easily lose hours learning about more and more nuances of how to tell a story with moving images. Like so many sites devoted to the craft of animation and filmmaking, it helps you to gain a new appreciation for elements of movies you love.

Share your own favorite blogs about animation or any of your passions in the comments.

Tiny Doom’s Top 5 fictional Bars and Restaurants

If you are a regular reader of The Ladies musings, you may recall that last month I shared and discussed my favorite fictional vehicles.  I was excited by how much discussion that stirred up!  And then not a few days later, fab food site Serious Eats posted a list of their favorite fictional restaurants, pubs, and bars. Hey! I like those types of places, and I have thoughts about this!  Lo, you are getting another list of favorite fictional things from me (do I even like any stuff in IRL?)  This time it’s about where I would like to grab a pint, a snack, wait for the whole thing to blow over – yeah, spoilers.


UntitledThe Bronze– (Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

I grew up in a small town where the most exciting thing was to walk “the tracks” to the “center of town” and buy a Clearly Canadian or something.  So when I started watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and saw teens with access to a place like The Bronze, it was mind blowing.  Food, drinks, live music, DANCING! The Bronze was a place for the teens of Sunnydale to hang out and have their teen drama.  Yes, often times the drama was coupled with vampire or demon attacks.  But you know what, I don’t care.  I still would have been there as much as I could have, waiting for a glimpse of the action, and wondering if they sell Clearly Canadian in Sunnydale.




The Winchester– (Shaun of the Dead)

Everyone should have their own Winchester (I’m not talking Sam and Dean here).  The Winchester Pub is the regular for the Shaun and Ed, perfect for boys nights and date night alike. It’s where they feel the most comfortable, the most at home, and the most safe. So naturally, when the zombie apocalypse starts up that’s where they plan to run and hide out.  Naturally.  It’s got a rifle above the bar, the cooler mostly still works, and there are many preservative laden snacks available-I’m just going to assume Hog Lumps are like pork rinds, yeah?  



Milliways, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe- (Book of the same name)

Ladies and gentlemen, the Universe as we know it has now been in existence for over one hundred and seventy thousand million billion years and will be ending in a little over half an hour. So, welcome one and all to Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe!“—Max Quordlepleen’s introduction at Milliways.

Milliways is located at the literal end of the universe, as is when the universe ends, ceases to exist.  So you eat a great meal and watch all of creation end, and you can do it as many times as you want!   It’s 5-Star, and thanks to the restaurant’s location in time and space, your bill only costs a penny that has been deposited into your account at the present time, before you travel to Milliways.  Most importantly they are said to serve a great Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.  Given this delightful slogan, how could I resist: “If you’ve done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.”




Jack Rabbit Slims Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction was a big deal for lots of reasons.  But I think one of the biggest reasons is that it showed me how good really solid restaurant theme-ing could be.  I want full immersion people, not just a few things hung on the wall and some pun-named dishes!  Do not phone in your theme.  Commit!   The closest I think I have gotten to something like this was the time I went to the restaurant at Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas.  Sadly that’s not around anymore, but perhaps that leaves an opening, as Jack Rabbit Slim’s and Las Vegas seem to be a match made in heaven.  Plus, these days, a $5 shake isn’t even that pricey.



The Brick Northern Exposure

Sometimes when things are rough and I have to go to one of my “happy places,” I go to Cicely, Alaska.   Owned and operated by Holling Vinceour, The Brick is Cicely’s only bar and restaurant and main town hangout.  A warm, cozy oasis in the harshness of Alaska, it matters less to me what you can eat here (though if you are there a night that Adam is cooking, hello Michelin level meal), and more who would get to encounter.  In a town filled with delightful characters including but not limited to, a former astronaut, a lady pilot, a hunter turned photographer, and a bohemian radio DJ,  you would just about be guaranteed to have an interesting night.

Bookbag, pocketshoe.

Summer Reading 2016 – Three Books for Just About Anyone

As someone who reads a lot, and has a pretty widespread taste in books, folks frequently ask me for book recommendations. Some friends I give the full list, knowing that they are also literary adventurers who are equally happy reading Harry Potter, The Corrections, or a book about oysters. If I know what they like, I might give them a tailored list of mysteries or urban fantasy or great literary fiction. However, I have a special, curated list as well – the books I think any right-minded, well-read person would like. These are the stories that transcend genre and individual tastes. They’re practically a litmus test for my friendship – if you don’t like these stories, we’ve just got such radically different worldviews that I don’t see how we could possibly get along. (Okay, that might be going a little far. And yet…) As a bonus, in addtion to being great reads, all three of these books are written by women, and all three have girls or women as protagonists. So for this year’s Summer Reading post, I present the three lady-centric books I think anyone (and everyone) will enjoy.

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Kick-ass Fictional Ladies: Brienne of Tarth

This week, I am adding another name to our roster of Kickass Fictional Ladies.  Click here if you are interested in checking out our past inductees into this prestigious group.

I realize this is a no-brainer for those of us who have been watching Game of Thrones this season, but let’s be honest, she’s been getting a lot of buzz lately.  Why?  Because she is just so great for so many reasons. And here are just a few of them:


She is like a walking recruitment poster. “Be a Knight.Be Awesome!”

She is honorable: I know that some of the most intriguing characters are villians or of questionable morality, but I love Brienne because she just wants to do good in the world.  I have really been won over by her desire to be a great knight and truly devote her life to one of honor. Sansa Stark turns down her first offer of protection and yet Brienne is so good to her word and the promise she gave to Lady Stark that she simply doubles down on her efforts and waits to find Sansa so she can offer her protection a second time.  And yet, during this chase after Sansa, Brienne never oversteps her boundaries.  She is never unnecessarily threatening and strives to make her behavior a model for others.  Brienne has a lot to prove and that drive and earnestness make her just wonderful to watch.  You want great things to happen for her because she has worked hard enough to deserve them.  Also, thanks to some recent info from Martin, I dare say that her noble spirit is even in her blood.

She is a complete character: In my travels, I have run across the misconception that in order for a female character to be considered “good” (translation: feminist) she must be strong and perfect.  The thing is that while there are many versions of women characters out there who are strong, they can’t hold a candle to Brienne for the simple reason that when a character’s only trait is that she is strong, she is also flat.  I love Brienne because mixed in with her strength is a believable vulnerability.  She makes mistakes, she worries about doing the right thing, and she cares so much more than she is probably willing to admit.  A strong female character is great and gives us ladies something to enjoy and in some ways look up to.  But a strong female character who can also be seen as human, is not only someone we can look up to, but also relate to.  And trust me, it is much more powerful to be inspired by someone who has overcome a lot of the same challenges you have yourself.  It’s OK if you need to work at it, because so does Brienne.

Positive body image: Brienne of Tarth is played by the charming and gorgeous Gwendoline Christie.  This is important because Brienne’s body is the real body of Christie. Christie has found herself experiencing a lot of the same hardships that Brienne does when she encounters other’s expectations of conventional beauty and feminism.  Christie is naturally 6’3″ and has openly discussed her own body image issues and how she has been able to use her own life experiences to influence her performance as Brienne.


I pretty much just picked this picture because I am jealous of her dress

Christie was so inspired by Brienne’s story that she took it upon herself to learn about Brienne’s quest to be a knight by experiencing it herself. This means that she not only trained in sword-fighting and riding before starting her role, but she gained a decent amount of muscle to make her body fit the character even more accurately. Remember what I said about devotion? Seems like Christie was born to play this part.


I realize that I might be preaching to the choir here, but I think it’s ok to just bask in the glow of something you love for a while.  And that is what I’ve decided the comments section to sharing the love (or not if you have a reasonable argument).  Have at it then!

Alan Young and Scrooge McDuck


2016 has already had more than its fair share of notable deaths, from legends of the music world to beloved actors to genius comics artists who left us far too soon. But there’s one passing I’d like to recognize here. On May 19 at the impressive age of 96, actor Alan Young died of natural causes. Most of the obituaries I’ve seen focus on his time playing the straight man to a certain talking horse. But to Disney fans, he was and ever shall be the voice of Scrooge McDuck.

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Tiny Doom’s Top 5 Fictional Vehicles

If it weren’t for my friends and the lovely neighborhood nights we have, I would never have any post ideas, seriously.  I’m not sure how we got on the topic, but I do remember that we were sitting around TRM’s table having a “neighborhood night” and we started to discuss favorite fictional vehicles.

Of course there are many, many to choose from, including different versions and variations.  For the sake of this list my definition of vehicle is “a thing used for transporting people or goods.”  Also, I really wanted to think beyond the first things to jump into your head.  Just about everyone likes the Batmobile (pick your version), The Millennium Falcon, or The Enterprise (again, pick your version).  So you won’t find any of those my list, which is not to say I didn’t throw some obvious choices out there, obvious to me at least.  So here goes, in no particular order, Tiny Doom’s Top 5 Fictional Vehicles.


War Rig (Mad Max: Fury Road)

I’ve written about my love for Fury Road before, so it’s not really a surprise that the vehicle at center of the film would be a fav.  What I love about the war rig is that it is clearly an extension of Furiosa herself…unstoppable, reliable, and protective.  Furiosa customized it herself, from the skeleton  arm painted on the driver’s side door to the kill switches which let no one but Furiosa drive.  Most importantly The War Rig represents freedom, literally moving its human cargo along the roads until independence is earned by ramming through and running over authority and patriarchy.


67Impala’67 Chevy Impala (Supernatural)  

The Impala is Dean’s Baby, his first and only car. She’s black and shiny, and chock full of weapons for hunting monsters.  She’s been Sam and Dean’s home when they didn’t have one, which is most of their lives.  The Impala is pretty much a character on the show in her own right (check out “Baby”, ep. 4, season 11).  Besides the fact that it’s hard to resist a growly beast of a car that can fit a body in the trunk, I think I feel such a kindred spirit here because I too tend toward anthropomorphism (yeah, I talk to my car) and had my own first car (The Turtle) for 20 years before it was time for something new, since I don’t have Dean’s mechanics skills.  The new ride is great, but you never forget your first.


V8 Interceptor/Pursuit Special (Mad Max, Mad Max 2: Road Warrior)

Yeah, another Mad Mad vehicle, and probably the most “obvious” one on this list.  But I also sort of feel like it’s the progenitor of some of the other iconic vehicles on this list.  The interceptor starts its life as Max’s police vehicle and later becomes his home, his weapon for revenge, and the thing that gives him purpose as the world falls down around him.  It’s both a symbol of his past, and one could argue, a physical representation of Max’s own mental state.

Mark III


Iron Man Armor (Iron Man, Marvel movie versions)

It’s red and gold, it’s sleek and shiny, and it makes the wearer strong, fast, and while not nigh indestructible, it can certainly take a lickin’.  The first Iron Man movie remains my favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, largely because of how much it surprised me.  And seriously, I love the aesthetics of the Iron Man armor.  I even love all the clicking and whirring sounds it makes! It’s hard to pick a favorite, maybe the Mark III, again because it was the first that really caught my eye.  From a functionality standpoint the “suitcase armor” from Iron Man 2 just delights me.  It’s a good idea too, I mean how awkward is it to be caught by a supervillian without your hero pants even on?



Blaine_the_Mono_DT wiki


Blaine the Mono– (The Waste Lands and Wizard and Glass, Dark Tower Book Series by Stephen King)-  I’ve always liked monorails. They seem so futuristic and way better than our current subway system. I rode a monorail in Las Vegas and it was very polite, always reminding you to be sure you have all your belongings and to check that you are getting off at the right stop. This is not Blaine.  Blaine the Mono is a sentient monorail who is a pain and goes insane and that’s the truth (yes, my rhyming is intentional here).  He tries to kill the main character and his traveling companions, but not before challenging them to a riddling contest.  He’s pretty much the exact opposite of my platonic ideal for a monorail or any mode of transportation for that matter, and I can’t wait for self-driving cars!  But this is probably what makes Blaine interesting to me. 





Eleanor,1967 Shelby Mustang GT500– (Gone in 60 Seconds)
Apparently 1967 was a good years for cars.  While this one doesn’t make it on to my list, I know it’s my Dad’s “holy grail.”  In fact, I believe there is a verbal contract in play that if I ever win the lottery I have to buy this for him.




Jurassic Park Tour Vehicles– (Jurassic Park)

Look at these things.  They are so ugly they spin back around to awesome.  Plus, they run on a track, like a monorail.  Also, super safe.  Lex and Tim still survived even though a T-Rex stomped on it, chewed on it, and eventually dropped it in a tree.  If I had one of these, I would strap the Fashion Raptors in and offer to drive it in every parade.