Peanut Butter Fozzies: Soul Sucking Snacks of Anguish and Doom

See these guys? image

Pretty effing cute huh?  How creative and filled with all-american "can do" spirit, right?

Ugggghhhhhh.....  *thud

Believe it or not, from start to finish, these guys took six hours.  SIX HOURS!!!  And during those six hours of blood, sweat, and (mostly) tears, I learned a few things I would love to share with our dear readers.

But before we get to the meat of this post, I want to give credit where credit is due.  I shamelessly ripped off this idea from Alicia Polocia's blog .  After seeing her Muppet themed baby shower, I realized two things: 1) This lady is a genius, and 2) She probably a much better person than I.

Back to the Fozzies then.  You might have noticed them mentioned in Cartoon Sara's previous post about our Muppet Trivia night.  I had foolishly decided to step up my game after my success at Slimey-shaped cookies from last year's event.

Just look at these little angels!!


But then, I got cocky.  I was brazen.  So in the case you too are inspired to go all out, allow me to share a few words of wisdom from experience.

1) Taste vs Visual appeal - It can be a hard choice between picking the decorations and embellishments that taste the best versus look the best.  Sometimes you just have to choose. Using mostly modeling sugar over fruity candies don't really add to the tasty points in my book, but the ability to mold and reshape gave me a lot of flexibility when I started to realize that one size was not going to fit all.  Also, buying a few pre-made sugar eyeballs won't hurt either.

2) Test batch - I should have used a tried and true peanut butter cookie recipe that I knew wouldn't spread.  The first recipe I tried was a flourless one.  The cookies spread like crazy when I baked them, leaving sad peanut butter blobs instead of lovable ursine comedian heads, even after I chilled the dough.  I had to hit the reset button and start again.  There goes another hour plus.

3)  Have a support team to pull you through - Meet my support team.  Her fur is great for absorbing all the tears.


4)  It doesn't have to be perfect - People are going to appreciate your effort regardless of how things come out.  Those who don't bake will often be glad that you did and more experienced bakers will feel your pain.

5) Let the healing start - Accept the compliments (because you really do deserve them) and start planning your next move. So when is the next Comicazi Cookie Clash?