Ladies of Cosplay: Jessica Connolly as Tank Girl

Time for another cosplay force to be reckoned with...

Jessica Connolly (Jess Conn Cosplay ) as Tank Girl


How she got into cosplay:  Jess has a background in theater and when she left the stage, she missed the opportunities to become another character.    In fact, Jess was particularity excited about this costume because it gave her a chance to switch from something more "girly-girl to bad ass."  Bad ass indeed!  No one can argue with that!

Another reason Jess chose to cosplay as Tank Girl was because she was looking for something that she could style more herself.  Tank Girl herself can be seen in a range of outfits, so this costume really gave her a chance to do her own take and stand out from the crowd.

Most proud of:  Her disco ball helmet.  While watching the Tank Girl film, Jess couldn't help but notice the disco ball helmet that Lori Petty wears for about 3 mins.  As soon as she saw it, she knew she had to make it.  Another challenge that Jess was proud of, is her paintwork on her gun.  It can be extremely difficult to make something look worn in a realistic way and actually something I never really thought about myself when it comes to detail work.  It's the touches and attention to detail like this that can certainly make a huge difference between a really good costume and a great one.

So, are you guys inspired yet?  Regardless, you should high tail it over to Jess's facebook page.  Wanna see a lady Boba Fett costume?  Well, Jess has got you covered!