Halloween Link Round-UP

If you know me (Elise, Tiny Doom) IRL even a little bit you know October is when I am at my peak power. Besides being my birthday month, it’s the time of my favorite (the best) holiday, Halloween. A few of the other Ladies find similar joy in this time of year so we have a lot posts where we extol things we love about this time of year.

Here is a link round-up of some of our posts from the ghosts of Halloween’s past…..

3 Things to get you in the Halloween Spirit-A podcast, a netflix series, and a recipe. Oh My!

Dead DC- The Red Menace helps you get learned about some of the spookier, deader DC characters

Halloween Comics- Smalerie shares 3 festive comics for your Halloween Night

Lego Jack-o-Lantern- I spent a lot of time and orange Lego making a jack-o-lantern, and you better believe I still have it!

October is for Horror: 3 Netflix Hidden Gems- 3 scary movies you can find on Netflix

October is for Horror II: 3 Netflix Hidden Gems- 3 more scary movies you can find on Netflix