In Search of Blurgles Day

P1000093 Have you ever had one of those perfect days?  Everything goes right...and for once in a very long while, the whole world seems to exceed your expectations.  That's right, perfect.  Well, we Ladies of Comicazi have a name for that, and we call it Blurgles Day.

Many years ago, before the ladies had forged their bond of friendship, Tiny Doom and I (the sisterly duo) lived in a small apartment at the end of Oxford Street.  The place was nice enough, and with all its problems, it was mostly what one would expect for a first apartment - break ins, demon possessed toilets, delightfully wacky neighbors.  It was here that the dream of Blurgles Day began -

Smal: Ugh, my job is making me crazy.

TD: Seriously, you don't know nothing about crazy till you've worked where I do.

Smal: It's just that no one can make up their mind.  It's like on Monday, do this.  No wait, do it on Thursday, but I mean last Thursday.  Then on Blurgles Day, I want you to...

TD: What the #&*! is a Blurgles Day?

Smal: *stares blankly*

And that was the moment, in a fit of hysterical laughter, that TD and I decided to claim Blurgles Day as our own official holiday.  We created an entire story around it, including The Blurg and the The Blurgles Day Dog, who would visit you in the night to leave a gift of funnel cakes and prescription pain relievers to all good (but extremely overworked) souls.  This all sounded great in theory, but as much as we tried to CREATE something special, we realized that it was something that couldn't be forced.  And besides, who wants the trouble of having to make your own funnel cakes in case that damn Blurg punks out?

Funnel Cake

Over the years, TD and I have shared our dream of what Blurgles Day could be - a great day.  A day that is untouchable.  A day when all that other nagging nonsense gets forcibly pushed to the back of the line.   And then it happened, Blurgles Day just happened.  We took a day off from work together to relax and everything went right, from the perfect parking spot to finding a place that had real Hawaiian shaved ice!  Blurgles Day wasn't something that we could control, it was something to aspire to, to seek out, and celebrate.

So now we open ourselves up to Blurgles Day.  We plan something fun, invite our friends, and go after that damn Blurg and his dog as if they were made of funnel cakes themselves.  At the end of the day, we all huddle together to make the call.  Was it Blurgles Day?

And since we would love to find a way for more people to celebrate Blurgles Day or even make up their own holidays, I have put together this handy FAQ for those interested in inviting Blurgles Day into their lives.

When is Blurgles Day?

There is no set day.  In fact, it can happen several times a year.  You just need to find a day to go out into the world and claim it.  It's a perfect mixture of putting yourself out there and pure luck.

How do I know when I am approaching Blurgles Day fulfillment requirements?

There are several ways to do this.  You could develop a point system for each awesome thing.  Find a Sci-Fi themed pizza place? +20 Blurgle points.  Get a the Park Ranger to let you into a closed building so you can get an extra stamp for your National Parks Passport? +50 points.  When you reach a certain number, you're there.  Honestly though, our method is a lot less precise. Usually, as the day draws to a close, someone asks to call it.  There have been times when everyone has cheered and shouted "YES" together.  Other times require more thought and debate...over drinks.  Tasty, tasty drinks.


How can I increase my chances of having a Blurgles Day?

It doesn't hurt to want it.  And it doesn't hurt to share your enthusiasm with others.  If you are doing a tour or a class, ask questions.  When people are really passionate about something, it is amazing what they will share.  Recently, when we asked a visitor's center volunteer which attractions he recommended, he split the brochures into two piles.  "These are historical," he said as he pointed to one pile.  Then he pointed to the other pile - "These are hysterical."

What happens when you can't call it?

Well, it's almost better this way because now you have a chance to plan something fun to look for it again.  Last week TD and I took a day off together to enjoy some of our favorite things: the ocean, history, and commerce.  Everything was going quite well until we discovered that one of our favorite shops was gone and we struck out at most of the clothing stores.  Oh, and don't even mention the traffic on on way home.  Point is that we still had an awesome time regardless, even if it wasn't BD.  You need high standards for Blurgles Day to keep it special.  Another time, Cartoon Sara and I were on a trip together in Atlanta.  We had an amazing day interacting with whales and going to the Center for Puppetry Arts.  Then we watched half of The Princess and the Frog before heading out to dinner.  When we came back, the station was showing the movie again and it was pretty much at the same point where we left it.  Bam!  Blurgles Day!


Can something be so awesome that you have instant Blurgles Day?

YES!  Like when the Ladies present you with this.

Have you ever Googled the word "blurgle?"

*sigh*  Stupid Urban Dictionary.  *grumble*  On a more positive note, there is also this definition.

Ever experience a Blurgles Day of your own?  Thinking about hunting down the Blurg for yourself?

Tell us about it below!