Everything You Need To Know About LadiesCon 2019

LadiesCon 2019 is mere days away and it’s just about all we Ladies can think about. While we put the finishing touches on this year’s convention, you can enjoy this helpful Q&A on what to expect once the day finally arrives. If you’re already an expert on all things LadiesCon, feel free to share it with friends who are coming for the first time or might be interested in checking it out.

What is LadiesCon?

If you’re here, you probably already know this, because we’ve been promoting it for months. But for you newcomers, LadiesCon is a one day comics and pop culture convention in Somerville, Massachusetts. LadiesCon 2019 will be held at the Somerville Armory on September 21 and will be our fourth convention.

Who can come to LadiesCon?

Everyone can come to LadiesCon and general admission is FREE. Although our show has a particular focus on women, the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and non-binary creators, we welcome people of all ages and genders. We pride ourselves on being an open and friendly space for everyone to enjoy and celebrate comics, pop culture, and our local arts community. We are also a very family friendly con with plenty of kid focused wares and activities.

How do I get to LadiesCon?

Parking near the Armory is limited, so we strongly advise attendees to take public transportation, use a ride share, bike, or walk. The Armory is close to several bus and subway stops. The Red Line’s Davis stop is just a fifteen minute walk away. For more ways to get to the convention, check out the Armory’s website.

What time does LadiesCon open?

General admission - which is FREE - starts at 11am. However, if you purchase a $25 Early Access ticket, you can get into the convention an hour early at 10am. Early Access also includes a continental breakfast, a tote bag full of fun stuff, and special presentations with two of our convention guests. Only a limited number of tickets are available, so get yours now!

The convention closes at 5pm.

When should I arrive at LadiesCon?

This depends on what your plans and priorities are. If you bought one of those Early Access tickets, you’ll want to arrive at 10am or as close to it as possible. Not only do get to enjoy that tasty continental breakfast and see our exclusive Early Access presentations, it’s also a great way to get an early start on your shopping with our vendors and guests. You can grab some of your must have items right away, browse around to see what everyone has to offer, or get a book signed or a commission ordered before the lines start forming.

If you’re waiting until the doors open to the general public at 11am, you don’t have to arrive right then. The most time sensitive part of LadiesCon are the panels, so look over the schedule and plan your day around which ones you most want to see. Though it doesn’t take the entire day to peruse our con floor, keep in mind that some vendors may sell out of certain items during the day and lines for some of our specials guests may get long.

What should I bring to LadiesCon?

We are a small and free convention, so stepping out to grab some food and coming back in is easy. The Armory Cafe will be open, so you can get a bite, watch a panel, and never really leave the con. That said, it never hurts to have a few common convention supplies on hand. Bringing cash is always a smart idea. While some of our vendors can process cards, not everyone can. A bag for carrying your purchases can also be helpful. Bringing a water bottle means you don’t have to duck out of the con to ensure you stay hydrated. And of course, bring any books, comics, convention sketchbooks, or other items you want signed by one of our guests.

Where are the guests at LadiesCon?

The guests will be up on the stage on the right side of the convention as you enter.

Where are the panels at LadiesCon?

We have two panel spaces. The upstairs panel space is in the near left corner on the second floor of the convention, the same place it was last year. Just go up the stairs from the con floor and head left. The downstairs panel space has moved this year and will now be in the Armory Cafe. It’s through the door to your left as you enter the Armory.

How do I get upstairs?

There are stairs in the back left corner of the con floor, stairs outside of the con across from the welcome table, and an elevator across from the welcome table.

What else can I do at LadiesCon?

jurassic park jeep.jpg

We have some great photo ops for you at LadiesCon this year. Star Wars cosplayers from Alderaan Base and the 501st will be back this year to meet and take photos with attendees. A Jurassic Park Jeep will be parked outside along with a T-Rex skeleton, both of which are available for photos.

Are there any events after LadiesCon?

Yes! Our After Party will be held at Comicazi starting at 8pm. This is a 21+ ticketed event with light food, drinks, music, and trivia. Tickets are $12 and quantities are limited, so get yours now!

From all of the Ladies and the many vendors, guests, panelists, and volunteers who help us bring LadiesCon to you, thank you for coming to our fourth LadiesCon. We’ve worked hard to make sure it’s the best one yet and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!