Fan Fiction Theater 2019 - A Recap

Our delightful hosts

Our delightful hosts

Time is flying by - it feels like the summer has just started, but here we are, creeping up on August and the dog days.

Back in June, when the season was new, we hosted our Third Annual Fanfiction Theater. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite Ladies events - while I was never an avid consumer of fanfiction (I predate home internet by just enough that I missed my perfect window) I love the whole idea of its existence - that people love characters and stories so much that they don’t just want more of them - they make it happen. How often do we get to see intangibles like inspiration and joy made real? Fanfiction Theater is so special to me because creators get to share their joy with an audience, who in turn are completely receptive and loving of what the writers put into the world. AND the stories are really good!

Tomicazi is passionate about Bat Couplets.

Tomicazi is passionate about Bat Couplets.

We try to bring some pf our own fun to the show, too - hosts Elise and Gary (TIny Doom and Honorary Lady, respectively) have a sort of Sonny and Cher rapport that works well to get the show started and warm up the audience. They, with the support of Valerie, read some appalling vintage advice columns from romance comics of yesteryear. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen someone knock over tiny tables in frustration over the terrible and insensitive advice given to lovelorn 60’s teens.

Our readers and their stories ran a wonderful gamut - everything from Sailor Moon fic written in their teens, to a wonderful Adventure Time spec script (complete with voices!) to a Choose Your Own Adventure spooky Star Wars tale. Every performer was clearly glad to be sharing in the positive energy from the crowd. We also included a musical interlude this year - Star Wars protest songs! Here’s a clip from an older show done in the same room, if you’re curious.

We had one guest reader - Comicazi’s own Tom Majkut, reading for our dear friend Travis. Travis provided Dynamic Duos - Dick Grayson’s Teenage Poetry and Tom did a masterful job of bringing them to life. While largely tongue-in-cheek and very funny, the couplets also had some of the real pathos any one of Batman’s wards would suffer.

Here’s our complete line up for the evening. Links to folks AO3 accounts are listed where available.

The Sailor Ninjas, Savannah Camacho

Dynamic Duos, Travis Trudell/Tom Majkut

Night is When We Slake Our Thirst, April Gunn

The Flash and the Sort-Of Vampires, Blue Mouse

Star Wars Protest Songs, Sal Voyager

No Rest for the Wicked. GreeniKat89

The Doctor in the Delta Quadrant, Caitlin Walsh

Touchdown, Reuben

Excelsior, Darren Bouwmeester

Whatever Happened to Eddie Nygma?, Lindsay Moore

Thank you to all of the writers, performers, and our hosts for another great event, and thank you to everyone who came out and supported us and the creators. Our community is better with all of you in it!