The Ladies Podcast - Tell 'em Large Marge Sent Ya

marge The Ladies of Comicazi podcast peeks out from under the covers as we share our memories of scary movies, stories, and art from our younger days. Learn about our childhood fears and how we feel about them now.

How do you get from normal sharks to carpet sharks? You go through the somewhat inexplicable ending to the video for the Huey Lewis and the New song "If This Is It" starring sand shark:

Horrifying, nightmare inducing, and endowed with the powers of evil, just like all cymbal monkeys.


(it's pretty scary on the inside too.)

The Wizwhere you learn that everything in the subway is trying to kill you.

We're not making it up: the tiger bears of Oz


Welcome to Hell, courtesy of the Sistine Chapel.


A nice happy bunny movie for the kids. Or not.

And finally, one of 1980s cinema's best arguments against hitchhiking:


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