Games To Travel With

Hello, darlings! Summer is soon to arrive, and that usually means a lot of travel and vacations. I know a lot of you are asking, “But, Meepleine, when I get to my destination, it can sometimes be a little boring.” And so, I give you this little  list of little games that you can throw in a bag and take with you (virtually) anywhere! (I’m writing this post on my lonesome because Lady Diceacorn is currently packing to move to her new house! She’ll do a post later on about how to effectively pack your games. Last count, she was on 30+ boxes of just games.) Tracey Packing

Sushi Go

If you’ve been to an ELS Day, there’s a chance you’ve played Sushi Go. We adore this game. It’s quick, fun, and extremely cute! It was created by Gamewright Games, a local company stationed right in Newton. In the game, you collect cute little sushi, puddings, and other delicious things you can get at a conveyor belt sushi place, trying to get the most points at the end of 3 rounds. At the end of it, I’m always craving some maki and tempura. (This is a small, wonderful game, but the travel-ability of the packaging is something to be desired. You can just rubberband the game, or, as I do, use the Game Bands from The Broken Token.)

Roll For It

Roll For It is a really fun and quick dice game that has become the bane of my existence (because I have a dice-rolling curse). You have 6 dice, and must roll to match one of 3 face-up cards to earn points. You can save dice by placing them next to the cards, but beware of falling under the thrall of the 6-dice 15 point cards. They’ll keep you rolling for many many turns while your opponents rack up points with the smaller 2 and 5 point cards. (Well, yes, I do speak from experience, why do you ask?)

Sav roll

Get Bit

Get Bit is a really cute (and slightly gruesome) game where you’re all robots attempting to swim away from a shark. Try to figure out what cards your opponents have left in order to put yourself first! If you’re the last robot in line, the shark chomps you and you lose a limb (the little robots have limbs that remove very easily). Lose both arms and both legs, and you lose! Be the last robot standing (swimming), and you win!

The Resistance

Small games aren’t just games for 2-4 players! Sometimes, they can be amazing party games, like The Resistance! You’re a group who are fighting against The Government, but there are spies among you! Can you find out who they are and successfully carry out 3 missions to overthrow The Government, or will the spies succeed in sabotaging your missions? This is a great game to show you how well you know your friends, or as an ice breaker.


Featured Game: Fluxx

Fluxx is another great card game that is small, fun, and quick. There are tons of different iterations for anything that may strike your fancy (I personally own Cthulhu and Firefly, but there’s also Doctor Who, Monty Python, Cartoon Network, and so many more). Fluxx begins with simple rules: Draw a card, play a card. But, as you play, rules are added and changed, you collect Keepers (and sometimes Creepers), and Goals change more often than someone dies on Game of Thrones. Games can be really short, or last for a while!

Until next time, dears!  May your rolls be better than mine! And play ALL THE GAMES!