2017 Cookie Clash Round-up or Proof of Life after an Epic Cookie Extravaganza

Have you been to the Comicazi Cookie Clash? Before we get into what you might have missed this year, you can get a little history on the event in this past post. This year, the Clash's 7th, saw 15 bakers, both teams and individuals. Each team submits 3 entries: a chocolate chip cookie, a bar cookie and a baker's choice entry. With at least 2 dozen of each cookie submitted, let me tell you, that's A LOT OF COOKIES! It's really actually pretty fantastic to see.

$10 got you all you can eat access to all the cookies, plus milk (cow and non) and coffee. So, where does that $10 go? Most of our events are fundraisers for LadiesCon, but the Cookie Clash is a bit different in that we partner with Boston Partners in Education to raise funds for them.

Boston Partners in Education's volunteers, who serve as academic mentors, help students gain the skills, self-confidence and motivation they need to succeed in school and in life! Mentors support struggling Boston Public Schools students in the classroom, working with the same students every week. The extra attention students receive during the school day is crucial. Their improved academic success and their increased self-confidence could be the factor that inspires them to stay in school and graduate. Boston Partners always looking for volunteers who are passionate about education and helping kids succeed. If this is you, check out their website!
So, with all these entries, and very competitive field which cookies really make the judges stand up and notice? Here they are:
Team Pie Another Day: First Place Bar, First Place Chocolate Chip, and People's Choice
Team Cookies From the Black Lagoon: Second Place Bar
Team Shandy: Third Place Bar
Team Steph Baker Bakes: First Place Baker's Choice
Julie Herlihy: Second Place Baker's Choice
Elise Sacchetti: Third Place Baker's Choice
Team Goddess: Second Place Chocolate Chip
Andrea Mygrant : Third Place Chocolate Chip

Boston Partners won too as this year the Clash raised over $900, making it one of our best years yet. Plus, so far as we know no one keeled over from sugar intake, though I bet we might get some thank you cards from your dentists!

Before I close this out I'll leave you with a favorite moment from this year's event.  Some of the Ladies received cookies baked just for us by a talented young miss in a pteranodon costume from Miss Ornesto’s Society For Clever Girls. The Fashion Raptors approve!