Let's Get Ready for LadiesCon 2017!


LadiesCon 2017 is just days away and we hope you're as excited as we are for our second ever convention celebrating women of kinds in comics and pop culture. Although you can just walk on in on Saturday and start looking around, there are a few things you can do to prepare for LadiesCon to help make you experience even better.


VIP Package!

Admission to LadiesCon 2017 is still FREE thanks to our wonderful sponsors and the support of attendees at our events. But if you want to make your day at LadiesCon extra special, you can get our VIP Package. VIPs are able to enter the convention an hour early, getting access to the guests and vendors before anyone else. You'll also enjoy a catered lunch onsite and receive a LadiesCon tote bag filled with books, an exclusive art print, and other surprises. All for just $25!

Check out the full list of VIP perks on our LadiesCon 2017 website. Tickets are in limited supply, so get yours now!

Check Out Our Rules

We do our best to keep our rules for attendees simple and they're all geared toward insuring that everyone has a safe and fun convention experience. Looking over the rules before you go will help you understand what to expect at LadiesCon and know what to do if there's a problem. We especially encourage cosplayers to check over our guidelines for costumes and props; we don't want to have to send anyone home to change clothes.

If you have a question or concern while you're at the con, ask one of our many volunteers for help or stop by the Ladies table.


Stuff to Bring

  • Cash - While the miracles of modern phone peripherals mean that more convention vendors can accept credit or debit cards, not all of them do. Get your cash at your local bank ahead of time or stop by one of the ATMs in Somerville. How much you want to spend is up to you, but having it on hand means you don't have to worry about whether the vendor can take your cards or not.
  • Books for signing - Our guests - and some of our other vendors - will have their work available for sale. But if you already have a book or something else they've worked on, you can bring it for them to sign. Consider bagging and boarding issues to keep them safe. You can bring a bag to carry your items to be signed, or use your LadiesCon tote bag if you bought a VIP ticket. We ask that you respect any policies our guests may have on what they'll sign, how many items, and anything else related to their time and work.
  • Convention Sketchbook -  If you're starting a new convention sketchbook - and with art from any or all of our special guest artists, you'll be off to an amazing start, purchase a wire bound sketchbook with pages that can stand up to inks and watercolors. For more info on starting your own convention sketchbook, check out my post on the subject. Several artists will be doing commissions, so you can purchase custom artwork from them whether or not you have a sketchbook. Again, we ask that you respect our guests' policies regarding what they'll draw, what they'll draw on, pricing, and anything else related to creating artwork.


Make a Plan

LadiesCon is not the kind of gargantuan event where you literally cannot see it all. That said, we still do have a few things to do that are time sensitive.

  • Batman and the '66 Batmobile will be available for photo ops from 12 to 4. The Batmobile arrives at  11, so VIP Ticket Holders can enjoy an hour of early access to the Caped Crusader's car.
  • Members of the New England garrison of theStar Wars costuming fan club The 501st will be greeting attendees from 12 to 2.
  • Panels will be held throughout the day in two different rooms, so some do overlap. Panels may also result in some of our guests and vendors being away from their tables for a time.

You may also want to familiarize yourself with our guests and vendors beforehand. This can give you an idea of what you'll want to bring to get signed, who you want to visit first to see about getting a commission, and roughly how much money you might want to bring.

Getting Here

The Armory is located at 191 Highland Ave in Somerville. That's just a 15 minute walk from the Davis Square T stop. There is a parking lot behind the building and two overflow lots nearby. Parking is limited, so be prepared to arrive early or take the T or another means of transportation. Additional info on getting to the Armory can be found on their site.

Above all, prepare for fun - and surprises!

We've all been working hard to make LadiesCon 2017 even bigger and better before with something for fans of all kinds.We absolutely want you to check out that guest you're dying to meet, the panel you're super excited about, and anything else you just can't wait to experience. But we also hope you'll look around and explore everything that LadiesCon has to offer. You never know when you might discover an amazing artist, the perfect gift for someone you know, or your new favorite comic. We're extremely proud of the guests, panelists, and vendors we've brought together for LadiesCon 2017 and we can't wait for you to see them all.