The Panels of LadiesCon 2017

As you saw in last week's post, we're all super excited about everything we have planned for you at LadiesCon 2017. Our panels at the last LadiesCon were very popular and this year's panels promise to be bigger and better than ever. And thanks to our new location at the Armory, you can check them out in the very same building as the vendor floor. Want a preview of a few of the panels we're presenting? Read on!


One True Pairings, Shipping, and the Romance Genre

How do romance comics relate to the current fandom obsession with mixing and matching characters from our favorite fictional worlds? Find out as bestselling novelist and featured LadiesCon guest Gwenda Bond, podcaster Maya Kesh, and GeekMom co-founder Corrina Lawson explore the romance genre from the viewpoints on fandom and feminism.


Women in Games: From Designing to Playing and Nurturing the Next Generation

Like so many other geek media, gaming has been seeing a rise in the number of women who participate as both players and creators. Join our panel of local gamers and game designers as they discuss the current state of women in gaming and how to continue making gaming more inclusive and fun for everyone.


The Bechdel Test and Fandom

The Bechdel Test is a popular topic of discussion around the whole web, including our corner of it. Writers D.R. Perry and Janet Gershen-Siege take a look at the famed test of the quality of women's roles in fiction and what can be done to get more stories out there that pass it.


Working in Audiodrama

Podcasting has brought audio storytelling back to the masses in a big way. Join our panel of local lady voice actors, including Lisa McQuilkin, A.S.H.le from Hadron Gospel Hour (a Ladies fave), to discuss the process, challenges, and rewards of this unique medium.



Wonder Woman Conquers The World!

Whether you're a lifelong fan of the Amazon princess or you just met her in the recent DC films and want to learn more, this is a panel you won't want to miss. Our panelists will be talking about the comics that inspired the blockbuster movie and their own favorite characters, stories, and creative teams.

For the latest on our panels, including times, keep checking the LadiesCon website. Talk about what panels you're looking forward to in the comments.