Best of the Ladies 2015

The Ladies (me especially) are recovering from the holidays, so it's a perfect time to revisit some of our most popular posts of 2015. Those of you who've been with us for a long time can look back at some old favorites, while you newer readers can catch up on some of our top posts that you might have missed. I'm selecting one post per Lady from the most visited posts of the past year, some published in 2015, and some older posts that remain evergreen favorites. robot v 1robot v 2

Cooking with Batman: The DC Super Heroes Super Healthy Cookbook by The Red Menace

Ridiculous superhero branded merchandise is an endless source of entertainment, as evidenced by the continuing popularity of this 2013 post. The Red Menace braves cringe inducing puns and ridiculous amounts of wheat germ to review this strange culinary relic and put its promise of healthy, delicious, and fun food to the test.

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Netflix Hidden Gems - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries by Tiny Doom

This one is an early 2015 entry in our occasional series on overlooked Netflix films and shows. Tiny Doom chose to shine the spotlight on this Australian TV series about a 1920s detective sporting equal amounts of crime solving smarts and fashion sense. Since the lineup on Netflix is constantly changing, you'll want to check out our Hidden Gems as we review them, though older entries can still provide great viewing suggestions to track down elsewhere.

You may also like: Five Movies I'll Always Watch, in which Tiny Doom shares her cinematic comfort food, perfect selections for a lazy day at home or background noise while you do some mindless chores.

What went wrong with Disney's "Black Cauldron"? by Cartoon Sara

This was among the very first pieces I wrote for our blog and it still gets views. Cinematic disasters are always interesting to read about and dissect. There's still a lot of interest in Disney animation's biggest flop and divided opinion on the film itself. So there are always people who want to learn more about it.

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Netflix Hidden Gem: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated by Smalerie

Did I mention that our Netflix Hidden Gems series always does well? Smalerie's recommendation is a show I'd been pestering her to watch for some time and quite possibly the best reimagining of Scooby-Doo ever to grace screens large or small. If you're at all curious about the series, this is a great summation of why it works so well.

You may also like: Netflix Hidden Gem: Puella Magi Madoka Magica, in which Smalerie recommends an anime that breathes some fresh life into the magical girl genre.


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