Event Recap: Futurama Trivia Night

Last month The Goog (of Night Vale Bonus post fame) and Tiny Doom took the lead as we hosted our first ever Futurama Trivia Night.  And boy, was it a success.  So whether you joined us and want to relive some of the delightful memories or want to size up our events in case you would like to join us in the future, I have good news everyone...we are doing a recap. Futurama

Let me start off by saying that this trivia has been years in the making.  The idea was floated ages ago and for whatever reason, it kept getting delayed.  The amazing thing is that the fan base for this show is so passionate, that even after its final cancellation, there was still a very strong following and push to host this trivia night.

Per our usual format, we started the evening with themed snacks.  And even more fun, these snacks contained some clues for trivia questions yet to come.  The signs that Cartoon Sara created to advertise our sundries are just too good not to share.  So feast your eyes on these babies:


futuruamafoodsignsdouble02.png Even better, The Red Menace took the time to snap a pic before the Great Munching commenced:

Futurama Trivia

Bellies full of sugar and fat, it was time for us all to put on our game faces and take on the actual trivia questions. 5 teams of 4-5 players competed head to head through picture rounds, name that quote, name that invention, and my personal favorite - the music round.  This was a first for Comicazi-based trivia, as we all got a chance to listen to an entire song before being asked to answer questions from the lyrics.  It was great because even those who were not as versed in Futurama knowledge had a chance to listen carefully and contribute. Sadly, I don't have a lot of pics of us actually playing.  This is mostly because I was WAY too into playing, but I was able to snag one of our lovely MC, Tiny Doom:

Futurama Trivia


Trivia is a very serious thing for both the Ladies and Comicazi.  Throughout the year, members of the Comicazi community work very hard to create fun and informative trivia nights that are a far cry from the typical pub trivia you might find elsewhere.  It's a great opportunity to make friends, groan over impossible questions with your fellow players, eat some yummy grub, and maybe even win one of those coveted Comicazi pins.

Our next trivia evening is in the works.  You should be there.

Are you a fan of trivia?  Thinking of joining us for the next one and maybe want to give a topic suggestion?  See that poll down there?  Let your voice be heard!

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