Muppet Trivia FAQ Starring Q and A

As you may have noticed if you've been keeping up with the blog or following the Ladies on social media, Muppet Trivia is almost here! But perhaps you have unanswered questions about Muppet Trivia. Maybe there are things you need to know before you decide to join us for an amazing night of Muppet themed fun. Maybe you're afraid to ask (though I assure you, we're all very approachable). Well never fear! We've got the answers to all your Muppet Trivia questions and we've brought in two very special guests to bring them to you. You know them, you see them every day, and we're pretty sure they're two of your twenty-six most favorite letters of the alphabet. Let's hear it for Q and A!

The letter Q and the letter A

Q: Thank you, thank you. All right, let's start with the basics. What is this "Muppet Trivia"?

A: Well Q, Muppet Trivia is an amazing event hosted by our friends, The Ladies of Comicazi! Players get divided into teams to answer Muppet related questions and compete to see who knows the most about all things Muppet!

Q: When and where is Muppet Trivia?

A: Muppet Trivia will start on June 6 at 8pm. It's at Comicazi in Davis Square, Somerville. You can check out Comicazi's website for more info about the store.

Q: Does it cost anything to play?

A: Just $1!

Q: I see. Is this the first Muppet Trivia?

A: Nope! Muppet Trivia has been going on for years. The first one was hosted by The Red Menace back before the Ladies of Comicazi all got together. This year's event is actually Muppet Trivia 5.

Q: Is 5 going to be joining us?

A: No, he couldn't make it. Birthday party.

Q: Ahh. So what are these questions going to be about?

A: The questions cover the Muppet Show, Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, the Muppet movies, the Henson fantasy films, and all kinds of Muppet and Henson related projects.

Q: Trivia always makes me hungry. Will there be any food there?

A: Yes! The Ladies will be selling homemade goodies to help with the costs of running the blog. They'll be for sale before and during Muppet Trivia.

Q: Will there be quiches, quesadillas, and quinoa?

A: Probably not. More like desserts.

Q: Well those are good too.

A: Any other questions?

Q: What's a Muppet?

A: ....

Q: What?

A: Are you serious?

Q: I've never been exactly sure.

A: Fine. Muppets are a diverse group of puppets created by Jim Henson. They're generally made out of foam rubber covered with felt or other materials. The kinds of Muppets vary greatly, from more realistic characters to fanciful animals to simple puppets of numbers or letters.

Q: Oh. Well that does clear up a few things.

A: Maybe not everything.

Q: I don't know very much about Muppets....

A: You can say that again.

Q: I don't know very much about Muppets....

:A: *sigh*

Q: ...Could I still have fun at Muppet Trivia.

A: Absolutely! The questions at Muppet Trivia range from the really tough to ones that just about anyone can get with lots more in between. Plus, you'll be playing with a group of randomly selected teammates, some of whom might know things about Muppets that you don't. It's a lot of fun to try and guess the answers with your team and you might realize that you know more about Muppets than you thought!

Q: That does sound like fun! What's that date and time again?

A: Muppet Trivia - Saturday, June 6 at 8pm. It's an awesome, amazing activity you won't want to miss!