3 Things: To Do in the Fall

I will admit that coming up with a post idea for my turn this month was tough.  There is a lot going on.  We are a couple episodes into a new season of Doctor Who with a shiny new Doctor, I've finally started the month-long preparations for my Halloween costume for the Comicazi Halloweeniversary Party, and the famous Comicazi Cookie Clash is on the horizon. Then the Red Menace shared this...and it almost killed me.  It also got me thinking.  I love Fall.  It's the best!  It's like Mother Nature has announced Last Call and it's time to get drunk on cider donuts before she closes shop for the next four months.

So here are a few ways I choose to celebrate the season:


1) Life's a Beach, finally!  Now is the time that I like to go and enjoy all those things that other people ruined for me over the summer by crowding the beaches and forcing me to wait hours in line for my fried clams.  While a lot of "summer places" close after Labor Day, you might be surprised by how many places stick it out and even stay open long after all the vacationers are gone.  The best part is that not only does it give you a better experience in terms of crowds, but those quiet times give you a chance to talk to and get to know people.  Sure, it might not be warm enough for swimming, but there are plenty of things to still do and see when everyone else heads into the woods to do some leaf peeping.  And as an extra bonus, there are many beaches that allow dogs free reign during the off season.  Now if only Mokey the Chicken-Dog the  wasn't afraid of seaweed...


2) Cha cha cha changes!  When the weather turns cooler, suddenly I care again. This is the time of year I clean out my make-up, update a bunch of things, and even switch over to my fall/winter scent. Because, dammit, I want to smell like pie...right now!

There is something about knowing that your eyeliner won't end up melting down your chin before you even get to the office that makes a girl suddenly want to learn how to give herself cat eye eyeliner flips.  And if you are interested in such a thing yourself, might I suggest you start over at The Beauty Department with their handy guide?  The skill might come in handy if you also find yourself going a little crazy over e.l.f.'s Halloween Style Books.  The Diva palette ended up being perfect for my Halloween costume, but more on that later.

3) Watch The Adventures of Pete and Pete.  Ok people.  It's honesty time here.  Yes, the two previous items were cute and all, but now it's time for the serious stuff and what may very well be the main point of this article - the glory that is The Adventures of Pete and Pete.  This is it people, the hill that I might die on defending my opinion that this was probably Nickelodeon's most (and arguably only) perfect live-action show.

For those of you who might not be familiar with the show, Pete and Pete started as a series of shorts that were shown in-between other Nickelodeon shows in 1989.  Due to the popularity of these shorts and a handful of follow-up specials, Pete and Pete became a regular half hour series for three seasons from 1993-1996.  Focusing on the experiences of two brothers who are also best friends, the show is surprisingly clever and funny.

So why watch this show in the fall?

There are a few reasons.  One is that a lot of the show was filmed in the fall, creating warm backgrounds that blend into the glorious red locks of the two brothers who share both the main action of the series and their first names.  The other reason?  On a more sappy note, there is something just so comfortable about this show.  It's both surreal and yet so very grounded in the experience of being a kid that it just makes sense to snuggle up and watch it while sipping some sort of warm drink.   If you are looking for a show that captures more of what it feels like to be a kid than the actual real life experience of being one, this is the show for you.  Games of dodge-ball become battles for honor and the ice cream man is myth.  The world and life itself just feels so big.

And really, who wouldn't love a show that involves personal superheroes, turtle amnesia, and a squid named Edna who serves as the school mascot?

Don't believe me?  Decide for yourself.


Just be careful, because if you are anything like me, you just might end up spending your time watching episodes on youtube rather than taking care of life-things, like cooking dinner and writing for a blog you have with your friends.  Just don't say I didn't warn you.

What Fall activities are you most looking forward to?  Or perhaps you just want to talk about Pete and Pete?  Post your comment below and let's give ol' Mother Nature a run for her money.