Honorary Lady of Comicazi: Jaimie Alexander

Despite her name being comprised of two typically male names,  Jaimie Alexander is the second Honorary Lady to actually be a lady (click the links to see some of The Red Menace and Smalerie's choices).  But don’t worry, she’s not too lady-like. Thor-2-The-Dark-World-Lady-Sif-Character-Poster

Like me, you probably know Jaimie best for her portrayal of Lady Sif in the Thor movies and in that one episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Yes yes, it’s quite obvious that she’s a gorgeous glamazon, but she is playing an Asgardian shield maiden, so it would be weird if she wasn't.  While I'm all for creative casting, Sif should have presence (after all she partners up with Thor and Beta Ray Bill).  Kicking butt as Sif aside, there are things you might not know about Jaimie Alexander as a person, things that made me think, "I'd like to hang out with her."

I didn’t know much about Jaimie until I listened to an interview on the Nerdist podcast.  I highly recommend giving this a listen, it’s funny, a little dirty, and at times serious.    The most surprising thing I learned during this podcast is that Jaimie kinda is Sif.  She grew up with 4 brothers, she collects knives, and wrestled in high school - she actually started the women's wrestling team at her school in additional to getting a wrestling scholarship.  What I most enjoyed about this podcast though was listening to a woman who seemed so comfortable with herself and her own personal style.

She uses her powers for good:

I couldn't not share this once I came across this.  I know lots of celebrities do work like this, but frankly, lady superheros don't get as much press as Batman or Spider-man.  So check out these pictures of Jamie visiting sick kids dressed as Sif.  Look how happy they are!  My heart!


I also really like her views on fitness and body image.  These are topics The Ladies have thoughts about, especially in light of how women are represented and treated in comic book culture - spoiler: it could be a lot better.  From debates over what body types should cosplay what, to straight-up sexual harassment and threats, the objectification of women in comics culture is tough to take.  It can really make ladies feel unwelcome and be downright cruel.  And while that's really another post, my point is that I like Jaimie's thoughts on women having strong bodies and that fitness is a way not only to get your body stronger, but also your spirit.  A workout is not just a way to sculpt your body, but also a way to to take pride in yourself and your accomplishments.  Did you go for your run today?  Then be proud of that!  She also works with sex trafficking abuse victims to teach them about fitness.  Not only is fitness important for physical health, but it’s important for mental health.  Jaimie works with abused women and girls, using fitness to help their bodies get stronger, which helps them to feel stronger emotionally.

She’s so fashion:

Despite having no knack for it, I really appreciate fashion and someone who can wield it.  My style seems to be somewhere in the realm of a post-apocalyptic Dickensian orphan.  That's not exactly couture, unless your version of couture is coming home every day and wondering how I got soot on myself when I am quite sure I did not see any chimney sweeps that day .  That said, for me having ownership for your own sense of style is a sign of confidence.  And confidence is a Lady of Comicazi Value™.


So for her strength, confidence, and caring, I am declaring Jaimie Alexander my first honorary Lady of Comicazi!