Cosplay Ladies of Comicon: Sailor Moon, Enchanted Cupcake Cosplay

The Smalerie was nice enough to let me take this post.  Which is only fair I suppose since I chased down poor Enchanted Cupcake while she was resting after noticing her very excellent cosplay! Looks like we have another pro on our hands, this time from the super high style world of amine!

Enchanted Cupcake Cosplay: Sailor Moon

Costume made by: Cupcake Cosplay

Brooch and hair accessories by: AkaneSaotome Cosplay


Cosplay Origins: Our Pretty Soldier here went to her first convention in 2007. When she saw the cosplay around her, she realized that she finally had an excuse to celebrate Halloween all year round!  This is a sentiment I can really get behind.

Most proud: Enchanted Cupcake is really excited by the people she gets to meet at conventions and doing Cosplay. She feels very lucky to know such talented and creative people.

What's so great about Enchanted Cupcake is that while she didn't make her costume, she still worked really hard to put together a killer ensemble.  As I don't sew myself, I totally understand the work in the "put together".  It's a different kind of work than sewing for sure, but work none-the-less!  I like to think there are many ways one can participate in cosplay. It's not just about making your costume, but also about how you feel when you are wearing it.  Enchanted Cupcake here is totally owning her character!

Another thing to know...Enchanted Cupcake is also a talented photographer.  Check out her pictures of more cosplay ladies at Sweet Sensation Photography.