Tiny Doom reads 3 things

Like the other ladies, I am going to share 3 things I am reading/have read.  Also, you will note I am posting a day early so you can go out and grab these books for reading during your post-Thanksgiving food coma! Locke & Key

lock&key Plot-  After the murder of their father, the Locke children and their mother move back to the Keyhouse, the family estate located in Lovecraft, Massachusetts.  There Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode soon discover that keys of Keyhouse hold their own powers, and that Keyhouse itself is the home (prison?) of something even more sinister.

Why you should read it- Why shouldn't you???  Suspense, fantasy, mystery....excellent storytelling and beautiful illustrations.  Joe Hill creates his own mythos with the keys of Keyhouse ( the Head Key is horrifying and covetous at the same time) and Gabriel Rodriguez's art is rich and lush.  Make sure to spend some time with the cover galleries in the back of each trade paperback-I got the very affordable and very nicely done hardcovers (they come with a build in bookmark-so classy!).   The Goog started reading this series first and suggested it for Comicazi Book Club.  It was a huge hit, with many people, myself included, quickly picking up the next book to continue the story.  There are currently 5 trades out.  I believe the 6th TPB will be the final of this story (the issues for the final arc have just become available, so if you can't wait, you can get those).  Though word is there will be a 7th, which looks at the the larger universe that has been created, there are a lot of stories in Keyhouse.

Bonus- There was talk of a television series.  A pilot was shot but Fox never picked it up.  For funsies, you can see the trailer that was shown at the 2011 San Diego Comicon here.  AND...This just in...There will be a movie trilogy!

The Walking Dead


Plot-  The zombie apocalypse has happened.  The Walking Dead is less about the initial outbreak, and more about how to keep on surviving and adjusting to a new world.

Why you should read it- If you are reading this blog, you have likely seen, or at least heard of the AMC show.  If you find that show interesting in the least, you should pick up the books (you can start from the beginning via trade paperback) .  It's not really a horror comic...though some very horrible things happen.  The story is character driven and Kirkman excels at making you really feel what his survivors are going through (there has been more than one bout of tears from me during a reading session).  He also excels at pushing the limit of human endurance in his characters.  You will find yourself asking "what else can possibly happen to these poor people?!?!", only to be answered with "Oh god, that."  It's not a happy book,  but it is compelling, especially if you like the post-apocalyptic genre.

Bonus-  While the comic to TV conversion is thematically the same, the story is not.  Characters are different, plot arcs change, and there are brand new developments.  That's twice the zombie apocalypse bang for your buck.  Reading the books will give you a new perspective, new characters....and pace you through the story in a way that I really enjoyed (note: there are not 6 issues of looking for Sophia, so that's an automatic plus).

Y the Last Man Ythelastman Plot-  Something kills everything on earth with a Y chromosome.  Everything except Yorick Brown and his male pet monkey.  Yes, another post-apocalyptic/dystopian future type genre book...Hey, I know what I like.

Why you should read it-  Brian K. Vaughan creates a story that clearly has elements of science (scientific) fiction, but is also grounded in reality, especially around gender divisions in various aspects of modern life.  For example, in the new world without men, air travel becomes impossible due to the incredibly low percentage of female commercial air pilots.  That said, there are also some really strong female characters in the book, including scientists, senators, and top government agents.    You can currently read this entire story in a series of 10 collected trade paperbacks.

Bonus-  If you are looking for a book with a kick-ass female character who is not a super hero, this book has one.  Agent 355 is charged by the mysterious government agency she works for the keep Yorrik safe.  She is tough, intelligent and she knits!

Double Bonus- LOST fans may have noticed Hurley reading a Spanish issue of Y while trapped on the island.