The Ladies Have Arrived

When you hear "local comic book store" what do you think of?  Do you think of that guy on the Simpsons? Or some male dominated place where the only ladies are hired to be eye candy?  If you have watched some of the shows that have been on TV lately about comics and toy culture, you might think just that. Frankly, some of these shows do less to bring people  (especially ladies) into comic shops, rather than more.
But that's not our experience, not at all.  In fact, our local comic shop, Comicazi, is a vibrant community!  So some of we ladies who shop there wanted to share the chronicles of our adventures- both inside and outside the shop.  We don't just read comics.  We cook, we run, we craft, we throw theme parties, create cocktails, obsess about Game of Thrones, and YA literature. There are even some sports! (skee ball, bowling and mini-golf are sports, right?)  And yes we read and talk about comics too.