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What is LadiesCon?

LadiesCon is a one-day celebration of women of all kinds and their work in comic books, science fiction, fantasy, cosplay, and many other realms of pop culture.

2016 was our inaugural con.

When and where is the next LadiesCon?

Check out our LadiesCon website for information on the next LadiesCon.

When and where was LadiesCon 2016?

LadiesCon 2016 was held on Saturday, September 17 in Somerville's Davis Square

Who were your special guests?

The special guests for LadiesCon 2016 were:

Erica Henderson(The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Jughead)

Ming Doyle(Girl Over Paris; Constantine, the Hellblazer)

Linda Medley(Castle Waiting)

Who else was involved?

Additional guests and vendors:

COMICAZI, FanMail, Mildred Louis, Gayle Blake - Scream Sisters Podcast, Lindsay Moore - Hellcat Press, Beany Rupeez, Nicole Hanafin - Dark Saber Cat, Mariessa DeVincentis, Wes Hazard, Ireena Spassova, Trescha Brock - Red Bark Crafts, Josh Dahl - Rapid City, Renee Majkut, Dan Neville, Kristi McDowell, Alyssa Maynard, Jennifer Bouche - Cambrasine, Victoria Chiu-Lin, Deborah Haber, Boston Roller Derby, Johnny Bloozit, Sette Tredicci, and Candlewick Press


Daddy's Bonetown Burgers


COMICAZI, Canopy City, Comicopia, Circlet Press

Do you host similar events?

Yes! The Ladies of Comicazi host several events throughout the year - trivia nights, View and Chews, craft events, and more.

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