Guest Posting FAQ

Want to write a post or a series of posts for us? You’ve come to the right place!

If you’re ready to send us your idea right now, head over to our Blog Contributor Form.

If you want some more information first, please check out our FAQ:

I have a great post for your site! If I send it to you, will you publish it?

We might! Though we appreciate every submission that we receive, we can't promise that all of them will be published. Some ideas might not fit in with what our site is about. Others may be too close to a topic we've already covered, or one we're covering in a future post. Ultimately, we reserve the right to pass on a submission for any reason. But if you have an idea for a post that you think we're going to love, we want to see it!

Can I write for Ladies of Comicazi if I'm not a lady?

Absolutely. Our readers include ladies and people who are supportive of ladies. We're happy to receive submissions from anyone who enjoys our site and has something to contribute.

What are the rules for writing a post for Ladies of Comicazi?

We have two main rules:

1. All submissions must be your own, original work that you have the rights to. By submitting a post to us, you are stating that you have the legal right to let us publish it and that no other publishers or authors have any claim to it. If your post has been previously published elsewhere, please let us know when and where it was published and confirm that we will still be allowed to legally republish your work.

2. All submissions should relate to one or more subjects that we cover on the blog. These include comics, movies, books, television, art, and ladies' perspectives on all of the above. If you're not sure if you idea fits, read a few of our posts to get a sense of what we write about. If you still don't know, you can ask us.

Should I send a proposal for what I want to write or a finished post?

You can send either. A short proposal lets us tell you if your idea will work for us without you having to put in all the effort of writing a finished post first. However, acceptance of a proposal does not guarantee publication of the finished post. We need to be sure that the final version works for us, not just the idea.

Should I send a writing sample or a link to my website?

We would love to see samples of your writing, especially if you are sending a proposal rather than a finished post. This gives us an idea of your writing style and helps us decide if your post will be a good fit for our site. Links to examples of your writing online are preferred.

If you reject my post, can I publish it somewhere else?

Yes. Once we pass on a post, it's yours to do with whatever you want.

Will you proofread my post?

We will check your writing for spelling and grammar. However, we do expect you to make a reasonable effort to do this yourself before you submit your post. If a submission needs a significant amount of work, it will be sent back to the writer for proofreading.

Are you going to edit my post?

We reserve the right to edit posts to be published on our site. We will attempt to work with you on any major edits that we feel are required and you will be given the opportunity to view the final post before it is published. But the final edit is ours.

If I write you a post, what do I get in return?

We will give you a byline on your post. This can include one to three sentences about you and a link to your blog or another site that you are affiliated with.

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Use our Blog Contributor Form to send us your information, interests, and ideas.