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ELS Game Day

Our special guest for November is Nora from Gamewright Games! We absolutely adore their games (Sushi Go has been a staple of ELSDay for years), and it’s so great that they’re local! Nora will be bringing some games to share with us, and Savannah and Tracey will bring some of their favorites (yes, that includes all the copies of Sushi Go).

What is ELS Game Day? It's a day of card games, board games, and RPGs for women and girls of all ages! And it's Free!

Why ELS? Well, we like to play all kinds of games. We play games of Exploration, inspired by Amelia Earhart, the aviation pioneer. We play games of Strategy inspired by Ada Lovelace, mathematician and the first computer programmer. We play games of Storytelling inspired by Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein and the mother of science fiction. Earhart, Lovelace, Shelley = ELS!

Why women and girls? As women, we love games, but the industry sometimes has a hard time remembering that. We see games mostly marketed to men and boys, and we want to celebrate the fact that we are gamers too! We want young girls to have a space where their skill and enjoyment of games can be expressed in a welcoming environment and where they can see role-models of women running games!

This group is for discussion of dates for ELS, what games we'll all play/bring for ELS, and for general fangirling over lady gaming!

Later Event: November 17
End of the World Trivia