We’re an inclusive community devoted to consuming, critiquing, and creating comics and pop culture.

We blog weekly, organize an annual LadiesCon, and host multiple events throughout the year.

We’re entirely volunteer-run. Our current league or organizers consists of four ladies.

If you’d like to be involved, please contact us!

The Red Menace

Twitter: @EMMcGrath
Instagram: @theredmenace77
Homeworld: Unknown
Occupation: Food Adventurer
Legal Status: Citizen of Comicazi
Height: 5’4″
Hair: Red
Eyes: Laser
Known Affiliates: Tiny Doom, Smalerie, Mr. Menace, Nandi, The Toy Nerd.

The Red Menace is known for her laid-back, easy-going manner — unless you cross her. Then she will give you a look that will wither you to the core. Her talents include mixology, knitting, running long distances, and pie-baking. She enjoys Mr. Menace, reading, cooking, and conducting weird chemistry experiments. She is also The One You Call When There Is A Bug in the House and champion Grammar Wrangler.

Tiny Doom

Twitter: @elise_LoC
Instagram: @elise_loc
Natural Habitat: Confidential
Occupation: Super Confidential
Legal Status: Citizen of Comicazi and New Googington
Height: 5′ (in clogs)
Hair: Often needs cutting
Eyes: Sometimes covered by goggles
Known Affiliates: The Red Menace, Smalerie (sister), The Goog (Husband), Little J (youngest sister and VP of sister club)

Tinydoom is 5ft of fury…fury mixed with craftiness, and occasional bouts of uncontrollable laughter.  Her talents include: setting fire to cocktails (so long as The Red Menace mixes them first), throwing a mean tea party, beginning Halloween prep in July, and knitting.  One time, she accidentally married a Viking in Iceland; thankfully The Goog is understanding of such cultural mishaps.


Twitter: @SmalerieLoC
Instagram: @krebstar5
Occupation: Worker Bee and Curator of Random Facts
Height: 5’2″
Hair: Frizzy
Eyes: Two
Known Affiliates: Tiny Doom (Sister), The Red Menace, Mokey The Timid, Little J (Little Sister and possible mermaid).

Smalerie is in constant turmoil.  Within her soul rages a battle between her desire to make the world a better place (complete with unicorns and rainbows), and her alternate desire to drop everything and move into an 18th century (historically accurate) farmhouse where she can research period recipes, collect tea cups, and bake cakes.  Instead, she splits the difference and spends a lot of time thinking about the Muppets, recreating food from tv shows and movies, and painting her nails.  She also has a put-upon upon little dog whom she enjoys dressing up and posting embarrassing pictures of on the internet. Right now, chances are pretty good that she would rather be at Disney World.

Cartoon Sara

Twitter: @cartoon_sara
Regular Hangouts: Comicazi and the Franks Private Toy Museum
Occupation: Animation enthusiast
Height: 5’4″(ish)
Hair: Variable
Eyes: Blue
Known Affiliates: Smalerie, The Red Menace, Tiny Doom, Franksenstein (husband), Dante (dog), Scarlett (dog also)

Got an animation question? Ask Cartoon Sara. Just clear a few hours from your schedule first and prepare to learn more than you ever wanted to know. Cartoon Sara has been amassing animation knowledge for eons and is more than happy to share it with anyone and everyone. She is also known as “the First Lady of Comicazi,” largely because she was the first lady to walk through the door of Comicazi. When not watching animation, reading about animation, or writing about animation, Cartoon Sara enjoys spending time with her husband and their two dogs, drawing, hosting or winning Muppet Trivia, and traveling with Smalerie.



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  2. Judy11

    Is one (or more) of you from Dover MA?? My dau referred me to you Fb page. I am a huge outlander fan and somehow she saw a pix on you FB page and thought of me. If you r who she thinks then you know she and her hubby – Katie & Demetri?? I woudl love to connect with another living human being within the state who actually has read Outlander – I think my dau’s are tired of hearing me ramble on about Jamie & Claire!! – Judy M