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On Snowglobes

This coming Saturday is our annual Make Your Own Snowglobe Workshop. This is one of our most popular events and one of our absolute favorites. Born out of a crafternoon where we made snow globes for ourselves (my Hawkeye vs. a Minotaur still graces my desk at work), we decided this was something that would be even more fun to do as a group. And we were right! There are few things more enjoyable than sharing your crafts with like-minded folks. Best of all, if you attend our workshop, we provide everything you need, (except the distilled water since your scene will have to set at least overnight before you fill the jar), making it totally easy to get in on the action.


Hawkeye vs. a Minotaur

This year, we even added an extra earlier session (4-6pm). This is good for families with littles – and folks who want to come to an earlier session so they can get dinner in the square later. We’ve had kids make some incredibly creative snowglobes, so we highly encourage making this a family event. As of the posting, our later 7-9pm session has already sold out.  The good news is that we will have lots of “stuff” for creating your masterpiece no matter which session you go to.

Materials from last year

Truth be told, you could just check out this oldie but goodie post where we first shared both a how-to on our method for snowglobe making, and a little bit on our trip to the Somerville Museum of the Modern Snowglobe , sadly now closed. But….if you are local, coming to do some crafting with us is much more fun!

So, get your tickets now, they’re going fast:

4-6pm session



Crafternoon: Snowglobes and Ornaments (or “How not to get glitter-lung”)

It all started with a trip to The Museum of the Modern Snowglobe. Yes this is a real place, with an actual physical location. You visit by appointment and get to take a look at some of the wonderful and weird curated lovelies donated by travelers and displayed on a long shelf circling the display room. Do not miss the Hatfield and McCoy snowglobe (see bottom left) or the Liberace snowglobe (center square!). The snowglobes exhibited rotate, so perhaps you will want to go back more than once! We left with a fever for these tchotchkes and plans to make some globes of our own.


Some selections from the Museum of the Modern Snowglobe.

Well that was 2 years ago now. Time flies when you are doing things, and sometimes other things you meant to do get pushed to the wayside. Sometimes you start saving jars and little figures and start to wonder if you are showing weird hoarder tendencies. Sometimes you go ask for glycerin at a pharmacy and are full on shocked by the product you are handed (pro tip: if you want liquid glycerin, just get it online and save yourself a lot of embarrassment). But I digress. A crafternoon was planned and snow globes were finally made.

There are plenty of tutorials for this out on the interwebs, most notably some appropriately seasonal ones from Martha Stewart. Those are nice, but I think ours are better. Here’s what we did:

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