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Merry Christmas – And One Woman’s New Year

Merry Christmas everyone!


The Menace Household Christmas tree. A close look reveals a large number of robots, spaceships, and chickens.

To be honest, the responsibility of writing a post that will update on actual, factual Christmas has been weighing on me a tad – it’s a big responsibility! Plus, what’s a lady to do? I can’t give you gift suggestions – it’s already too late! Smalerie and Cartoon Sara have covered us on comics and specials pertaining to the holiday spirit. And there’s no way I can top Tiny Doom’s craft from last year!

But then I realized – beyond wishing those of you who celebrate it a joyous holiday, I don’t need to focus this post on Christmas at all! Because hot on its heels is another holiday I can help you prepare for – New Year’s Eve.

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