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3 Spooky Podcasts

If I know anything about our readers, it’s that as soon Labor Day has passed and a slight chill hits the air, it’s time to get ready for Halloween. Suddenly your Netflix queue is filled with scary movies, your house is covered in fake cobwebs and real animal skulls, and all you want to do is suck the marrow out of this all too short season as much as possible.

Well friends, let me add to your current atmospheric choices by suggesting a few things that are a bit unnerving and creepy to keep you company during your darkening commute and warm mugs of pumpkin-spiced drinks.

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TONGHT: Ladies of Comicazi LIVE on the Radio!

Need some more of the Ladies in your life? Well you’re in luck! Tonight, November 3 at 10PM, Ladies of Comicazi Smalerie and Cartoon Sara will be on GeekBeatRadio discussing Slimed!, Michael Klickstien, and Nickelodeon nostalgia. You can tune in tonight or listen to it in podcast form at your leisure.