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Batman’s Hero: Adam West and the Animated Series


Source: DCAU Wiki

Unless you’ve been away from all media for the past week or two, you know that Adam West passed away. West was well-known and well-loved for his performance as Batman in the 60s TV series of the same name, the movie spun off from the series, and numerous animated appearances of the Caped Crusader. Plenty of writers have already covered what made West’s Batman so iconic, but I want to focus on another one of his contributions to the Bat mythos – the first time West was on a Batman series and didn’t play Batman. Continue reading


Leonard Nimoy and the animated “Star Trek”

I am not the person to eulogize Leonard Nimoy. In just about any group of people I choose to be with, I am never the biggest Star Trek  fan. There are gaps in my viewing of the original series that would horrify a true Trekkie. I hadn’t even seen The Wrath of Khan until a few years ago. (The good news is that it holds up extremely well.) So if you want a knowledgeable appreciation of Nimoy’s life, his career in general, or his time as Spock in particular, the rest of the internet will be more than willing to help.

And yet, there is one Leonard Nimoy story that hasn’t been told much, even as just about every well deserved kind word that can be said about the man is being said. It’s a story takes place as the starship Enterprise was about to head off into the animated frontier.

Star Trek animated series title card

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