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Who Tells Your Story: What “Hamilton” Got Right, Got Wrong, and Completely Left Out


I know I’m late in getting on the Hamilton bandwagon. While I’m not the musical theater aficionado that Smalerie is, I do like musicals. I just rarely go to see them. I had heard good things about Hamilton and its massive popularity, but I somehow never got around to actually listening to the soundtrack. Now I have. Several times in fact, which should tell you how I felt about it.

As I did with the film Saving Mr. Banks, I became curious about how much of the musical was factual and how much was fiction. I don’t expect either musicals or movies to be documentary accurate when covering real-life events, so this isn’t a criticism of the play. I just like to know what was changed to make a better narrative and what really happened. A Wikipedia binge ensued and I discovered a treasure trove of true facts, altered facts, disputed facts, and completely omitted facts, from which I will now share highlights with you. Continue reading


Outlander: This is how an obsession begins…

I was against this from the start.  Not because I thought for a moment that I wouldn’t like Outlander, but because I knew that once I went down the rabbit hole, I wasn’t going to want to come out.  And boy if I wasn’t right.

I’m not sure if I should be thanking or yelling at my friends as I spend each morning looking for Outlander blogs and taking advantage of the sweet deal Amazon is running on the kindle version of the book, but I have fallen, and hard.  I also kinda don’t care.  After a winter of horrible cold and ice, I needed this.  So if you are looking for a little something to pull you through that home stretch, I would like to share with you a quick introduction to the fandom of Outlander.

For those who might not be that familiar with the premise of the show, here is a quick synopsis.  Claire, a nurse who cared for soldiers on the front lines during the second world war, finds herself reunited with her husband who is pretty much a wet blanket.  While they travel to Scotland on a second honeymoon, Claire is transported back to the 1743 where she meets a dishy guy in a kilt named Jaime.  Let the steamy, meaningful looks begin!  That’s right people, let’s all swoon as Jamie’s eyes stare into the depths of Claire’s very soul! *sigh

This show is heavy on the romance, and as a result it probably isn’t a great match for everyone.  The good news is that in the episodes I have seen so far, there is also violence, politics, family feuds, oh and that guy in the kilt I mentioned earlier.  Something tells me that a lot of people might just be watching just for him.

When we are talking about a show that takes place in two historical time periods (the 1940 and 1740s), there is a lot of fodder for some great fandom.  So, make some bannocks, brew a cup of thistle tea, and let’s talk about the ways we can take an example from other Outlander fans who are both showing their love and adding even more to the experience of  watching the show and reading the books.


See? Handsome Jaime isn’t the only thing worth looking at.

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