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Community, Connection, and Cooking: Dumplings at MeiMei

How cute is this folding technique comic?

Food has always been an integral thread in the Ladies of Comicazi fabric. We’ve created a wide variety of offerings around food; theme parties, events, and even ComicCon panels. In part, it’s because food is historically such a big part of the genre fiction we love – from the feasts in series like Redwall and Lord of the Rings, to the wonders of replicators and the horrors of Soylent Green. But it’s also because the Ladies of Comicazi is, and has always been, about creating a community, a chosen family of people who share the same interests and passions. So when the opportunity to take a dumpling making class came up, of course we jumped at the opportunity. After all, as we learned from our instructor, Irene Li, dumpling making is very much a family affair.
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