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A Lady-centric Review of Justice League: Gods and Monsters

This weekend I had the opportunity to watch the new Justice League: Gods and Monsters.  I actually wasn’t all that interested in seeing it for several reasons, the top two being that DC hasn’t really been hitting it out of the park with their animated releases lately and frankly, I have a list of pet peeves that always seem to pop up whenever something is rebooted as “darker and more gritty.”

Well, thank you DC for only proving me a little right.

SPOILER WARNING:  From this point on, there are going to be A LOT of spoilers, so consider yourself warned because here we go.


Overall, Gods and Monsters is not a bad movie.  In fact, in a lot of ways, it is really quite good and an improvement on some of DC’s more recent stuff.  There was a lot of talk about the return of Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett (writers on the original Batman: The Animated Series) and a familiar art-style from DC’s animation’s glory days, and I will admit that the result was pretty darn interesting.  The story did manage to pull me in, regardless of some raised eyebrows in the beginning.  But here is the problem, once you take a moment to step back and think about the film more broadly, you start to realize that DC still has some ground to cover when it comes to women.

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My (Favorite) Hero: An Examination of The Flash

A while back, in my original Three Things post, I mentioned that Starman is one of my favorite comics series of all time. While that’s certainly true, and it hasn’t really been topped, at least in terms of superhero comics, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Jack Knight is my favorite hero. He’s up there, easily in the top five, but when it comes to super-powered do-gooders, my heart belongs to the fastest man alive, The Flash.


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Parademon Christmas: A Poem of Unspeakable Cheer


*Inspired by the ornament above, created by The Red Menace

Poem by: smalerie

There is a special day,
that comes but once a year.
A very special day,
that fills all Apokolips’ hearts with cheer.
Instead of shock and despair,
The smell of cookies fills the air
For today is the day the Parademons have their Christmas.

There are no trainings today
On the land or in the sky.
Darkseid takes a break
And no one wonders why.
He visits bearing gifts
All Parademons’ hearts he lifts
For today is the day the Parademons have their Christmas.

This Parademon got shiny jet wings
And a new doll, who smiles and sings.
There is no sweeter joy than this,
A day you (for your own safety) should not miss
For today is the day the Parademons have their Christmas.

As the day draws to a close
All the Parademons collect in rows
They deck and then burn down the tree.
Tis a wonderous thing to see
All Hail to the Parademons and their Christmas.