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2017 Cookie Clash Round-up or Proof of Life after an Epic Cookie Extravaganza

Have you been to the Comicazi Cookie Clash? Before we get into what you might have missed this year, you can get a little history on the event in this past post.

This year, the Clash’s 7th, saw 15 bakers, both teams and individuals. Each team submits 3 entries: a chocolate chip cookie, a bar cookie and a baker’s choice entry. With at least 2 dozen of each cookie submitted, let me tell you, that’s A LOT OF COOKIES! It’s really actually pretty fantastic to see.

Cookies for daaaayyyyysssss

$10 got you all you can eat access to all the cookies, plus milk (cow and non) and coffee. So, where does that $10 go? Most of our events are fundraisers for LadiesCon, but the Cookie Clash is a bit different in that we partner with Boston Partners in Education to raise funds for them.

Boston Partners in Education’s volunteers, who serve as academic mentors, help students gain the skills, self-confidence and motivation they need to succeed in school and in life! Mentors support struggling Boston Public Schools students in the classroom, working with the same students every week. The extra attention students receive during the school day is crucial. Their improved academic success and their increased self-confidence could be the factor that inspires them to stay in school and graduate. Boston Partners always looking for volunteers who are passionate about education and helping kids succeed. If this is you, check out their website!
So, with all these entries, and very competitive field which cookies really make the judges stand up and notice? Here they are:
Team Pie Another Day: First Place Bar, First Place Chocolate Chip, and People’s Choice
Team Cookies From the Black Lagoon: Second Place Bar
Team Shandy: Third Place Bar
Team Steph Baker Bakes: First Place Baker’s Choice
Julie Herlihy: Second Place Baker’s Choice
Elise Sacchetti: Third Place Baker’s Choice
Team Goddess: Second Place Chocolate Chip
Andrea Mygrant : Third Place Chocolate Chip

Boston Partners won too as this year the Clash raised over $900, making it one of our best years yet. Plus, so far as we know no one keeled over from sugar intake, though I bet we might get some thank you cards from your dentists!

Before I close this out I’ll leave you with a favorite moment from this year’s event.  Some of the Ladies received cookies baked just for us by a talented young miss in a pteranodon costume from Miss Ornesto’s Society For Clever Girls. The Fashion Raptors approve!



C is for Cookie


Lemon Squares. Not quite lemon cakes, but I think Sansa would still dig them.

So you may have noticed that we Ladies like to cook. Smalerie has a whole blog devoted to the art of bento. Tiny Doom shared her love of infusions and fantasy-related cookbooks, and of course I have nearly 150 posts on the subject of food and cooking. We are comfortable in a kitchen, is what I’m saying. And that’s good, because in a couple of weeks Comicazi is hosting an event that annually puts our love of the oven to the test.

Cookie Clash_table

Many, many cookies.

In fact, the event started a few years ago as sort of a joke between Tiny Doom, myself, and one of the proprietors of the shop, one Michael Burke.  The details are lost to the hazy mists of memory, but the gist was that TD’s cookies are made with hate, while mine are made with love, or some such nonsense. A bake-off was suggested, an epic clash between bakers to determine who had the one cookie to rule them all. It was a joke…until it wasn’t.

more cookies!

Even more cookies.

And so, the Comicazi Cookie Clash was born! Now going into its third iteration, the event swiftly approacheth, and people are baking like fiends. Far larger than Tiny Doom or myself, last year 19 bakers produced 6 dozen each of some truly outstanding treats. This year we’re hoping for another amazing turnout -I know that some of contestants have already begun baking test batches in an effort to cover themselves in glory. Each baker (or team of bakers, if that is how you roll) bakes 2 dozen each of chocolate chip, bar, and their specialty cookies. Then our teams of expert judges vote on the winners. Competition is intense!


Year 1 judging team.

However, this event isn’t JUST about baking cookies – it’s also about eating them. If you live in the Boston area, we would love to see you at the event! It’s going to be held on November 3rd at 7 pm, and for a mere $6 you can hang out at Comicazi and eat as many cookies as you like! The best part is that all of the money raised goes to a charity near and dear to my heart, Boston Partners in Education. Boston Partners supports struggling students in the Boston Public Schools by providing them with academic mentors from the community – and now you can support that simply by eating cookies! What’s not to love? We’ve also got some very cool judges lined up, including last year’s Chocolate Chip winner, Linda from The Chocolate Tarte, and Inn at the Crossroads/Food Through the Pages‘ own Chelsea Monroe-Cassel. If you like comics, fantasy, or food, this is going to be the place to be.


Last year’s line for cookies.

So if you’re in the neighborhood on November 3rd, stop by and see us! We’d love to see you, feed you some cookies, and talk about the role of ladies in comics.
And unrelated to cookies, did you check out our Who’s Who page and our new logo?   They were designed by the amazingly talented Sara Franks-Allen! Sara is the original lady of Comicazi – she was the first lady customer back when it was a wee baby store, just starting out in the world. Now the store is a big boy of 12, and Sara is a vital member of the community, participating in book club, hosting Muppet Trivia with Smalerie, and generally bopping around being awesome. We are hoping to feature some of Sara’s serious knowledge of animation and Muppets one of these days (hint, hint Sara) but in the meantime are overwhelmingly excited about the super artwork she did for us! Thank you, Sara!