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Convention Season Survival Guide


The Crowd at NerdCon in Boston in 2017.

      We are in the middle of convention season and with LadiesCon around the corner we thought that we would share some great conventioning tips that we have learned over the years and help you prepare for successful conventioning. Here are our top fifteen tips to help everyone enjoy conventions.
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The Ladies of Comicazi Convention Survival Guide

Despite that stunt Mother Nature pulled with snow on the first day of spring, I’m calling it: winter has passed.  It’s now time for us to get back into the world, mixing and mingling with like minded folk to celebrate stuff you love.  And thus, convention and show season is upon us!  The Boston area has already seen PAX, one of the bigger conventions for this area, and more are coming up fast and furious.  I haven’t been to a ton of conventions…thought I did survive the most recent RI Comic Con and many years ago, made it to the mega convention – San Diego Comic Con.  I love the excitement of conventions but do not love the crowds, nor the crowd related byproducts.  So, I’ve come up habits that help me to have fun, stay sane, and get what I want out of attending conventions.

Here goes……

  • Nourishment

    This is what people brought for Con lunch in colonial times. These days I would recommend PB&J, or maybe some ham.

    • Food is fuel and you’ve got a long day ahead of you, so have a good breakfast, especially if you are going to be lining up outside for some time before you even get to the convention floor.
    • Many Cons have food.  Super bad for you, super overpriced food.  Your hard-earned cash can be spent on something much better, so go old school and pack a brown bag lunch. Consider something simple and light like a sandwich and an apple. (Apples are durable, provide liquid and fiber and they are good for you.)

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