Bonus Post: Disney Highlights


Town Hall and pretty much the whole park get gussied up for Halloween. Did I ever mention how much I love bunting?



Victorian Pumpkin Lady loves you “this much!”



Anything with an angry Donald on it makes me happy. Therefore, all of Micky’s Philharmagic makes me happy.



Cartoon Sara provided me with a list of acceptable names for this thing. They include Spaceship Earth, and That Giant Golf Ball Thing, but NOT Mission Space or Disney’s Death Star.



Oh man, you should have seen all the faces and people pushing their dishes away when Chef Gibb explained what Haggis was. Priceless!



Nom, and I don’t even care for Sea Marshmallows, um, I mean scallops…



I have tried many times to get a good pic of this Fiji Mermaid carving outside of Voyage of the Little Mermaid. I think he wants to kiss, but I am not ready for that level of commitment.


One comment

  1. Cartoon Sara

    Cartoon Sara’s added comments:

    – The Halloween decorations in the Magic Kingdom really are lovely, from the showier ones to the more subtle like the colored bunting or the autumn leaves on the lampposts. One of the big perks of visiting Walt Disney World in the fall or early winter is seeing the holiday decorations.

    – Mickey’s PhilharMagic ends with Donald being launched from the orchestra to the back of the concert hall and through the back wall. This sculpture in the adjoining gift shop is the end result.

    – I don’t recall vetoing “Disney’s Death Star,” but what it’s REALLY not is “Epcot” or “Epcot Center.” I’m not super pick about what you call it, but you’ll get anything from eyeballs to lengthy internet rants from some Disney fans if you call it either of those.

    – This was my first time having haggis. I had assumed that a Scottish cooking demonstration would specifically not focus on the one Scottish food everyone knows about and fears. I assumed wrong. But even knowing what haggis is, it was good!

    – Fiji mermaids creep me out. Seeing one suspended from the ceiling, casting disturbing shadows when caught in the flash from Smalerie’s camera….well, I guess a Disney World trip with your best friend is worth a nightmare or two,

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