Boston Comicon 2015 – Part 2

We’ve had a lot of posts about Boston Comic Con, and yes, it was about a month ago, but a lot happened! Here are the photos from Saturday and Sunday – you may see a few familiar faces. I think they’re well worth checking out, even now.


Boston Comic Con 2015

The Saturday crowds were bananas.

Boston Comic Con 2015

Ugly Baby and The Red Menace wait for the Chew panel.

Boston Comic Con 2015

And later they met John Layman and Rob Guillory! Hurray!

Boston Comic Con 2015

Kurt Wiebe of Rat Queens fame was a little freaked out by Ugly Baby.

Boston Comic Con 2015

Tomicazi, aka Tommy Sharp, aka the multi-talented Tom Majkut, cosplaying as the main character from Rotten Roots. It’s drawn by his also super-talented wife, Renee!

Boston Comic Con 2015

Tom gets us all psyched up for Battle Drome – the gameshow he put together with our other Comicazi Videodrome pals!

Boston Comic Con 2015

Michael and Max stand by and let Tom get the crowd ready.

Boston Comic Con 2015

One of the Fashion Raptors is playing hard to get behind one of the final copies of Nefarious Twit.


Super cool Space Whale earrings from The Adventures of the GWF!


Ugly Baby joined Tiny Doom for the Hayley Atwell panel! So exciting.

All in all, this was one of the best cons we’ve been to – hoping next year will be just as great! Thanks to the folks of Bad Kids Press for letting us table with them, and as always, the fabulous folks at Comicazi for supporting us.


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