Boston Comic Con 2015 Report – Part 1

Since Tiny Doom and The Red Menace wrote the guide to Boston for Comic Con goers together, we thought we’d join forces again to give our take on what happened AT the 2015 Boston Comic Con. This post covers Friday. In order to set ourselves apart from the ordinary con reports, this one will be a pictorial starring two raptors and a baby.

Don’t worry, no actual babies or dinosaurs were harmed in the making of this post. The Fashion Raptors love their jobs, and Ugly Baby is a tradition in The Red Menace’s family – a joke between her grandma and sister which has now gone international. (NB: Ugly Baby is not considered ugly by everyone, but that’s the name she’s got. Her demonic smile, general macrocephaly, and compromised cranium are potential reasons for this. The Red Menace loves her anyway.)


Boston Comic Con 2015

Our first stop was the Bad Kids Press table. UB is friendly with the GWF’s Red Menace, as well as the Ladies’ Red Menace.

Boston Comic Con 2015

The Ladies brought candy for the Comic Con hordes to keep their blood sugar up!

One of the best parts of any comic convention is the cosplay. This year we decided to outsource finding some of the best cosplay at the con to our newest reporting team, the Fashion Raptors. After insuring that they were well fed, we sent them off to do their jobs. Many thanks to all the brave cosplayers who didn’t mind posing with some raptors.


Aquaman proves himself as a true hero, being the first to step up and hang with the Fashion Raptors. Don’t let his expression fool you, he and the raptors were great friends.


Battle Princess Ariel is a friend to all the creatures of the sea, and Fashion Raptors.


Boston Comic Con 2015

A star-struck Ugly Baby and Captain America!


Con Highlight! Tiny Doom with a Tiny Doom! And the sugar on top, this little Doom was a girl!


Tiny Dooms with a Fashion Raptor. Seriously, for me, this was the best costume at the con!


A costume that us old folks get! Inspector Gadget and Penny. We are assuming his mom told him about the show. Go Go Gadget Raptors!

Boston Comic Con 2015

Ugly Baby loved meeting the monsters from Love and a Sandwich – they’re so cute and fluffy!

Boston Comic Con 2015

Oh no! Artist on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, the amazing Erica Henderson, is about to eat Ugly Baby! Ugly Baby is not for eating, Erica!

Boston Comic Con 2015

Phew! Safe, uneaten, and hanging with the Kitty Whale at the Happy Kitty Studio booth.

Boston Comic Con 2015

The Red Menace and Ugly Baby’s favorite costumes at the Con – Granny Weatherwax and Tiffany Aching from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld!


This brave soul walked through the con with a TV (and a Fashion Raptor) on her head!


Furiosa! This Raptor will witness you to Valhalla, shiny and chrome.

Tune in next week (or possibly later this week, if we’re feeling inspired), for Saturday and Sunday fun! If you were at the con – what were your favorite things?


One comment

  1. itsthegoog

    Favorite things? Aside from all the comic books, it was totally the amazing cosplay. It was a fantastic con, they really did a great job this year. It was also nice that I got to spend it with a bunch of my friends all 3 days too.

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