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Previously you heard from TRM about her loves and unloves, and Cartoon Sara shared her origin story. I thought it was time to tell you a little more about me. I love media.  Movies, TV, books, comics, podcasts…I’m a consumer. In this arena, wanted to share a few things that are giving me particular joy right now.  Here’s what’s currently making my world spin.

Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick-

So, um….I have sort of unwittingly become a Fraction/DeConnick household fan. I have been reading Hawkeye and Captain Marvel for months, (and The Goog has gotten me hooked on FF as well). Initially I was drawn in by the cover art and character redesign of both Hawkeye and Captain Marvel.  Seriously, even if you don’t want to read them, check out the amazing work of artists David Aja (who recently won 2 Eisners, including one for best cover artist) and Joe Quinones.  Once I started reading, I went into mass consumption mode, reading all the available issues of these two books.  What I didn’t know for weeks while I was reading these two books is that these two writers are married!  So clearly a super talented household, and I bet they have some really cool art in their house.


He’s great at arrows!

Hawkeye is a super fun read that uses non-linear storytelling, well thought out art, and character development to tell the stories of what Hawkeye does when he’s not being an Avenger. Fraction reboots the character in a way that makes the story accessible whether you have back knowledge of Hawkeye and the Avengers or not.  Added bonus, Clint Barton is not the only Hawkeye (Hawkguy?) whose story is told…

cap_marvel cover

Seriously…could this be more gorgeous??

Captain Marvel, is especially exciting as it’s a Marvel lady hero book written by a lady!  The way DeConnick handles her female characters is great.  They are real…have close relationships, mentor each other, and talk about more than the guys in their lives (think passing the Bechdel test).  DeConnick herself has has something she calls “the sexy lamp test”.  If as a writer you can replace any of your female characters with a sexy lamp (I imagine the one from A Christmas Story), then perhaps you should rethink your approach to said female character.  There are no sexy lamps in this book, only awesome women.

Welcome to Night Vale-


We need to talk about the tarantula problem…of illiteracy.

I walk about 4 miles each day for my work commute. During these walks I listen to podcasts.  I have the usual assortment of This American Life, Stuff You Should Know, and Radio Lab (walking and learning is where it’s at), but recently I picked up Welcome to Night Vale.   Radio host Cecil Baldwin keeps you up to date on all the happenings in the fictional desert town of Night Vale.  Think ‘Chris in the Morning’ from Northern Exposure if Cicely, Alaska was founded by HP Lovecraft. Cecil’s evening broadcasts keep you updated on all the goings on with the Sheriff’s Secret Police, the local hooded figures, and any recent occurrences down at Radon Canyon.  There is also a dog park, but we don’t talk about that.   Sounds weird?  Well it is…but it’s also funny, and sort of oddly soothing. I will admit that during the first few episodes I wasn’t sure I liked it..but give it time.  Like many endeavors, the start is a little rocky, but as Cecil finds his groove, and you start to learn more about Night Vale and it’s local characters you find yourself getting sucked in (to the bottomless maw of unspeakable horror) to the story.  Episode 13: A Story About You is particularly enjoyable.  Other favorites include episode 3- Station Management, episode 16- The Phone Call, and the two part Episode 19- The Sand Storm.

Note: this podcast has become very popular with the Hannibal fandom.  I’m not currently watching Hannibal (I’ll catch it on netflix), but if someone could give me some spoiler free information about that, I would be interested to know more about the connection.

Welcome to Night Vale was also recently featured on
And check out their twitter feed.

Hopefully this has been enough make you curious to learn more about this podcast, but seriously, do not even think about the dog park.

Agent Coulson-

Coulson-Agents of Shield

Coulson Lives.

Poor The Goog. He’s had to listen to my deny that Agent Coulson was dead since the lights went up in the theater after we saw The Avengers movie.  Of course now we know that Coulson reappears, and this character will soon be heading up the upcoming TV series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (starts Tuesday Sept. 24 on ABC).

Why do I like Agent Coulson? Thing is, I am never going to be able to relate to being a super soilder, or an assassin/spy, and especially not a billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist.  But you know what I can relate to? Managing people. Trying to build teams.  And being a fanboy(girl).  I know that tired smile he plasters on when dealing with Tony Stark.  I can relate to taking direction from someone else to get something accomplished.  And who hasn’t said the goofiest thing possible when meeting someone you so greatly admire.  Phil Coulson is where us regular folks can see ourselves more easily, he’s the entry point into a universe where just about everyone is “super” in some way.  Of course, being a high level S.H.I.E.L.D agent is nothing to sneeze at, but it’s a level of extraordinary that feels accessible.

There is a huge fandom around Agent Coulson, a fandom that takes some credit for resurrecting this character.  Is it true? Who knows, but it feels good to think non-industry folks can have some influence and keep their touchpoint in the picture, so to speak.

So, if you ever see me out and about and want to talk about any of these things…please do!  Yup, any of these things…except for the dog park.



  1. smalerie

    As the Ladies resident Hannibal fan (though I remain hopeful that there are others reading this blog who also watch it), I can certainly see the appeal. They are both similar in tone, though Night Vale is a bit more refreshing for its humor.

    According to the web, one of the podcast’s creators credits Hannibal fans for spreading the word:

    What I want to know is if anyone can share some further reading about fandoms like this. Are there any sociologists studying this kind of thing? You know, aside from the documentaries that are just kinda “this is awesome and here is what they have done.” I’m looking for something a bot more academic.

  2. tinydoom

    That would be an interesting thing to study. Pretty much all the things I have listed have their own fandom. Captain Marvel- Carol Corps, the Coulson Lives Fandom… I have to admit, the Hannibal “Fannibals” might be my current fav for best fandom name.
    I wonder if the Smith College sociology dept still has it’s pop culture class? This could be a good final paper 🙂

  3. itsthegoog

    Coulson came back. So now you can’t scoff at my belief that Syrio Forel will return. AND TAKE THE IRON THRONE!
    But I digress, because I must be off. I see someone that looks suspiciously like me, or, perhaps, that is me, in the distance? One thing I am sure of, we will meet. We will battle. One will be victorious. One will walk the Sand Wastes, staring into the sun, trying to remember what once was or what he/I believed to be a life that may or may not have been lived. Perhaps I\he will see Telly the barber. At least I\he will go into the Sand Waste Void knowing that, no matter the outcome of the battle, I, or he, will never be as accursed as Telly. TELLY. TEELLLY!!

    • The Red Menace

      Can, and will scoff. SYRIO IS GONE. WE MUST MOVE ON INTO THE FUTURE. Hopefully said future will be less full of blood and viscera, and more full of perfectly coiffed scientists who smell of lavender chewing gum.

  4. Mike C

    “Do NOT approach the dog park.”

    Regarding the Sexy Lamp test: Which characters would be prime examples of this trope? It seems highly subjective, unlike the original Bechdel Test.

    • tinydoom

      Hi Mike!
      Good point on the subjectivity of the “sexy lamp test”! I tend to think of it as less character driven, and more writer driven. As a character though, some recent uses of Black Widow come to mind. I have briefly mentioned the difference between BW in Iron Man 2 as opposed to The Avengers in my Kick-Ass fictional Lady Post ( The first few episodes of the new animated series Avengers Assemble also gave her to development (though last weeks “buddy cop” trope with BW and Hawkeye was really fun). With Avengers Assemble I’m willing to admit I’m hoping for something that may never be there. Marvel still hasn’t really figured out how to make an animated series as compelling as some of the DC animated stuff.

  5. Robyn

    I’ve been hearing Captain Marvel was actually pretty good. Not to take the the internet at face value, I always like a confirmation. So thanks for the brief review. You’ve pushed this to my list for the next series I read 🙂

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