Cosplay Ladies of Comicon: Molly Shore as Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite

The second in our cosplay mini profiles, we change gears from comics to gaming. In fact, one of my very favorite games!

Molly Shore as Elizabeth from BioShock Infinte


Ok, so who wants to dress up as Songbird to complete the ensemble?

As soon as I saw Molly, I knew we had to feature her. Not only did she make her entire costume, but she told me it was just something that she threw together last minute!

Cosplay Origins:  Molly had always loved both sewing and comics, but it wasn’t until she attended her first Comicon that she realized that she could combine them both.  She still feels like that first year she attended was a missed opportunity, but from the looks of things, I would say that she is more than making up for lost time.

Cosplay Pride:  Molly is a serious seamstress and creates her own patterns for her pieces.  She has really refined her skills over the years, so much that she has even made costumes for others.  In fact, she is most proud when she can make what seems impossible possible.

So, anyone else out there inspired yet?  I don’t know about anyone else out there, but all this cosplay research has certainly given me the bug.  In fact, who else out there is already working on their next costumes for either an upcoming Comicon or Halloween?  *raises her hand


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